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ashleyswan 05-31-2009 01:43 AM

2009/2010 Season in Banff/Revelstoke/Whis
So I've been looking at taking some time off uni to move west to work and ride at a new resort. I've been working at my current prairie resort as a part-time CASI instructor for 7 years (haha since jr.high!) and it's time for a change of scenery. I've mostly been a jibber/park rider up until now, with very little backcountry experiance since I live in the prairies. I've been looking at a few places but the main options seem to be Revelstoke, Banff, and Whistler. Out of those three I've only ever been to banff, and I'm a little skeptical about moving to whistler this coming season because of all the olympic hype that's happening. Revelstoke looks amazing but they don't seem to have a terrain park and I'd really like to have that for the sucky snow days.
So I'm looking for some feedback or advice, I'm sure a lot of you have made this move at some point! Where did you end up living and working when you did it? and when did you move out there?
I'm looking for a place within Canada that has a laid back vibe and a good mix of backcountry and park riding. Or if you've lived/worked in any of those places above I'd love to hear about your experiance. Or if you think there's a place I should be checkin' out, tell me! there anyone living/planning to live in banff or revelstoke next season?
sooo many questions!

legallyillegal 05-31-2009 04:20 AM

You might as well just move to Vancouver.

Snowjoe 06-03-2009 12:37 PM

Ok so I've been in Banff for 3 seasons now and if your looking for a chilled out vibe it might not be the place for you. Its mostly filled with people who want to go out and party, get rowdy so at times it can be hard just to kick back and relax, especially if your planning on working as an instructor and living in staff accom to save money? The resorts are great, the park at sunshine is usually solid and its been getting better at the lake and hopefully they can properly step it up next season.

The mountain at Revelstoke is intense, the snow is often good and when it is its a ridiculous resort! However when it misses snow and gets icy it may be the worst place you could ever ride! As for the town its pretty small not a whole lot going on, for me it would be overly isolated but depends what you want. Also after speaking to instructors they really don't make enough to live on, it's not that type of resort so expect to need a second job.

I don't know much about Whistler apart from it's expensive as hell and next year could be a shitshow for the olympics and the amount of people there!

m_jel 06-04-2009 04:44 PM

whistler will be a shitshow, during the olympics at least. Apparently they're shutting down daycares and schools, cutting out most public parking, and a couple other inconvenient things that i can't remember someone told me last year

vans13 06-17-2009 01:44 AM

im planning on spending the season in Banff, atm dont really know much about revel but ive heard whistler is going to be and absolute shit-fight to get accom and work coz apparently alot of landlords are only giving rent out until about a week before olympics start and then theyll re-offer you the place at double the rent.:eek:

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