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myhouseinpanama 02-02-2008 08:16 AM

Gulmarg '07/08 - Snowboarding in Kashmir
I am going to Gulmarg, India for the '07/08 season and am posting the url for my blogspot "Gulmarg '07/08 - Snowboarding in Kashmir" for anyone else considering this trip. At this point it contains useful links to sources for information and travel to share. Later, the blog will become the trip report.

Also, I'm still looking to meet other riders/skiers from any hemisphere that will be in Gulmarg this winter. Pray for Snow!

surfsno2001 02-02-2008 09:00 PM

east asia-central asia-hymas
i will be living in china for 2 years. they are openig a sick place in northwestern china called ping tain up by the stans and mongolia in the winter of 2008.

i would love to hit the hymas including kashmir next winter as well-
also looking to heliboard the stans as its way cheaper than in india.

looking forward to your posts-

lets hope that india and pakistan dont start fighting again so they can keep the region open!

as of china not much on the net that i can find so far!

myhouseinpanama 02-03-2008 04:48 AM

re: PingTian

Originally Posted by surfsno2001 (Post 32935)
as of china not much on the net that i can find so far!

You're right - this is all I could find:

Official Resort Site - PingTian

Aspiring Tour Operator - China Ski Tours, LLC
Press Clipping - Denver Post (CO)

Definitely something to keep an eye on :thumbsup:

surfsno2001 02-04-2008 12:00 AM

been to europe? france eh?
i lived in austria for 2 1/2 years and got to ride the alberg/st.anton a lot. f$#% i miss that. i also spent a season in colorado in golden and got to ride loveland for free a lot. i am a backcountry guy and living in the alps i got the bug. seems like the place you are going to is known for this as is the joint they are building in northwest china. nothing like hiking shite out with shoes and dropping in for freshies.. l leave the freestyle to the kidies i ride big mountains baby!

my dream is to somehow get back to die alpen and locate a gig in innsbruck next time.
first i will have 2 years in china!

anyone else out there gonna be in the neighborhood or if you head back again for 08 let me know!

i will be in chengdu in sichuan province which includes part of historical tibet. I know of a few joints in that province but where you are headed looks like the bomb.

also had a chance to visit mexico and the baja 2 summers ago to try a stab at surfing...

how in the hell to you get around so much? my excuse- i am a teacher and a native english/german speaker. i also speak bad spanish and soon to bad mandarian!

like your forum site.

myhouseinpanama 02-04-2008 07:47 AM

re: France
Thanks for the compliment - do you mean the blog? In any case I'm self-employed so that accounts for the time I have to travel, which has always been my #1 priority.

I had gone to a few places in France but my favorite - by far - is Val Cenis. Great village, super fun hill, not crowded. Have not yet been to Austria or Switzerland, but would like to someday. Heard that St. Anton is the sh*t!

Blog: Gulmarg '07/08

surfsno2001 02-06-2008 12:35 AM

places i've hit in europe and the states..
i've had a chance to ride a lot of colorado including abasin being my favorite as it is a lot like austria at the top!

in europe i have been to:
1. jelenia gora - poland in silesia which is a lot like new england
2.the high tatras in slovakia (like a mini alps)- back in the day in 1995!
3. sudelfeld in bavaria/germany which is a nice little place and very cheap but like all of the northern german speaking alps subject to whiteouts!!
4.Garmish on the glacier which is not cheap and crowded but has sick views of the tyrolian/bavarian alps
5. kaurnertal-glacier in tirol for the opening party with anthrax!! (oeztal too which was flat and boring glacier...)
6. zell am see- in salzburg province with a glacier which is the best and longest i've been on...
7. St. anton and Lech which are insane for above the tree line and trees with 82 lifts the alberg is the bomb. i lived an hour away in feldkirch on the swiss/liechtenstein border and it was 2 of the best years of my life. innsbruck is 2 hrs to the west..

i would by far recomend the alberg- a place i always wanted to hit and biked through in the summer is oberstdorf in bavaria which seems like the best place for big mountain riding in germany not far from ulm. i guess chamonix has the best off-piste in europe outside the alberg and seem joint in the french part of switzy-land with their nice swiss misses.
man i miss that stuff.

myhouseinpanama 04-08-2008 04:22 PM

Gulmarg '07/08

Originally Posted by surfsno2001 (Post 33707)
...the french part of switzy-land with their nice swiss misses.
man i miss that stuff.

Gulmarg was a full-on sausage party, :( about the only downside to the whole trip.

Blog is updated and I can wholly recommend mc_roon's trip reports at TGR :thumbsup:


myhouseinpanama 05-06-2008 09:37 AM

Gulmarg '07/08

Originally Posted by myhouseinpanama (Post 47101)
Gulmarg was a full-on sausage party, :( about the only downside to the whole trip.

Blog is updated and I can wholly recommend mc_roon's trip reports at TGR :thumbsup:


The third and final installment of mc_roon's excellent (and highly recommended) TR is up at the TGR Forum: Gulmarg 2008 TR (3/3)

Highlights from Gulmarg '07/08 are here: Snowboarding Gulmarg

Read the whole story at: Gulmarg '07/08

nzboardlife 05-06-2008 06:22 PM

I was in India last winter :) didnt get to board as i was in Ragistan or som'n but im going again this winter, hope i get up to Kashmir

Smexx 05-08-2008 05:12 AM

thinking of going to gulmarg in next Feb
since China is close to Kazakhstan & Kirgistan you couls rider there, coz I don't think that ping-tian could meet the guests in november.
uzbekistan is also good
but riding in this countries is not the only thing you could get- kazakhstan is nice to check how true Borat's movie is.
also Georgia seems to be nice- or

heliboarding is aviable in kirgistan, but what's the reason to do heliboarding somewhere else while in Gulmar you do not have to pay for heli?

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