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romesaz 10-26-2011 03:09 PM

PNW Washington (Crystal, Mt Baker) Conditions
Just wanted to get a general idea of snow conditions at Crystal or mt Baker throughout February.
Any tips?

From what I saw on Baker site, it seems like that isn't their peak snow season? Unless I misunderstood.

wrathfuldeity 10-31-2011 01:37 PM

Baker...stats wise, late jan early feb is the cascade concrete season...glazed ice, later feb can be pow, mush, fog, concrete, bluebird, rain...anything. But iirc last year...also a la nina there was some cold pow days...its really unpredictable for planning any either hit it or not...that's why its called a locals mtn. Locals constantly watch the weather on the hill...and if its going off well you go. Due to the storms rolling in/or not, jet streams, elevation and etc. the weather on the hill is highly can be white out dumping on top and downpour raining at the can have dry pow on top, chow in the middle and grapple at the bottom...all in 1 run. On a good day (bluebird highly over-rated), its dumping fucking poo all day...the bad is if you are to can't see, don't know where you are going, your board is too short so you can't keep up with locals and they won't stop for your you can get easily fucked (terminal like)...tree wells, cliffs, trees, avy, head first deep poo and the tourist generally stay to the groomers/marked runs if they are smart. Recently heard rumor from a good source, last year they had 9 folks die in the area...I suspect mostly non-locals.

So the general idea...highly unpredictable

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