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swiftbmx 11-17-2011 09:43 AM

Breckenridge vs. Vail
Ok, so I've made last minute plans this weekend to fly out from NY to either hit up Vail or Breckenridge. I'm a complete tourist and I'll be by myself. I'm not really a park boarder but love backwoods. If you had to choose between the two, considering the conditions this coming Thanksgiving week as well, which would you go with? Reading online seems like Vail is for snobs while Breckenridge is more laid back and catered to enthusiasts.

Flight is booked, just need to book hotel so I appreciate anyone's opinion. Also, looking for a night life around one of these places, let me know which you think is better...


killclimbz 11-17-2011 10:00 AM

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Considering that Vail hasn't even opened (opens tomorrow the 18th) yet, I'd go with Breck. Breck has been operating for a week now which generally means more terrain will be opening than with what Vail will have. Plus we really haven't gotten a lot of snow lately and Vail is at a lower altitude, meaning that they'll have less snow.

BurtonAvenger 11-17-2011 10:37 AM

Breck has shit for terrain open and will be ungodly packed go to Vail.

snowklinger 11-17-2011 11:42 AM

Breck sure doesnt seem laid back either, ya BA, been there 1x :). You want laid back goto a-basin or loveland.

AcroPhile 11-17-2011 12:06 PM

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Originally Posted by snowklinger (Post 439708)
Breck sure doesnt seem laid back either, ya BA, been there 1x :). You want laid back goto a-basin or loveland.

If he's flying in from NY, I doubt he is looking for an Abasin or Loveland type experience.

killclimbz 11-17-2011 12:48 PM

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Well he did ask between Vail and Breck. Loveland is the best bet for terrain right now imo.

Anyway, keep stating your assholes, I mean opinions about where to go...

Milo303 11-17-2011 05:33 PM

lol at Vail is for snobs and Breck is more laid back

The people who assume Vail is full of assholes always gets a chuckle out of me.

Go to Breck because you will likely have a snob spit on you in Vail, they're all snobby and stuff.

BurtonAvenger 11-17-2011 06:11 PM

Fuck Colorado go to Utah!

hikeswithdogs 11-18-2011 08:46 AM


Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger (Post 439912)
Fuck Colorado go to Utah!

Bad idea Mormans hate snowboarders , goto Tahoe instead

BurtonAvenger 11-18-2011 10:37 AM

Tahoe has too much meth go to Montana where the men are men and the sheep get raped.

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