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slyder 09-18-2012 06:09 AM

Dumb decsion by by Granite Peak
The best hill and park in the Midwest has made a huge mistake.

Unfortunately we will not have our Main Event jump line/Park, I know everyone was looking forward to doing hot laps with the new lift. The park is being replaced with moguls from the top of main event to where the bottom of the jump line ended.

Man I am finally at a point I could safely and ride the jump line and I was so looking forward to a few trips to this hill. 3 hour trek for us.
They are getting blasted on this bad decision.
They did have a mogul run and honestly the trip when I was there I saw 2 skiers on it the entire weekend Fri-Sun.

Hope they change their minds.....

Frozen 09-18-2012 06:21 AM

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That's idiotic in my opinion, but I'm not a huge fan of granite peak in general. I don't like how it seems like every run is steep at the top and then really mellow the rest of the way. I did find the park good though so it's too bad they cocked that up. I like lutsen and giants ridge for midwest. Spirit has good park too but that shit is way over my head. Fucking a-frame was like 20 feet high.

Derp 09-18-2012 06:21 AM

Spoke to the wife immediately after I seen this last night and she had no clue. This was obviously a decision made by the top levels at GP.

All I was told is that the GP parks were voted #1 by Transworld again for more than just one line and that they intend to improve the existing parks as well as look for another location for a new line.

I still honestly think you will be able to find what you are looking for if you decide to come back up. Still a couple other parks that will suit your needs.

And like I said to you in my message earlier, maybe if they DO get enough negative feedback from this they will change their minds. Still plenty of time to rethink their decision.

Derp 09-18-2012 01:24 PM

This was the latest post on the Granite Peak Park FB page -

"The decision was made to move the park so that an entire run would be dedicated to the west side terrain park. We made the move to improve the terrain park, the riding experience and for a better variety of features. We are always trying to improve the riding and skiing experience in our parks."

"We will be improving our Tyro Park a ton. It will be moved to the west side of Mystery right along the Blitzen chair lift. It will be a small 3 hit jump line with about 5 easy jibs. This will triple the size and number of features from past years."

slyder 09-18-2012 07:30 PM

Yes they are still the best around our area for sure.
I guess I was just disappointed in that this would have been the first year I had the skill to ride the jump line. When my kids and I went it was awesome seeing guys hit those and it was such a great set-up. Hopefully they will do something similar on the west side.

We are still taking some trips to GP as it still has a TON to challenge my kids and me

Derp 09-20-2012 06:51 AM

This is email from Chuck, the owner of Granite Peak.

We will need to look at and respond to the thread of postings on Facebook and correct the misunderstanding about the new park on Western Frontier instead of the old park on Main Event. It was not moved to make room for more moguls but rather to improve and expand the park.

The park was moved to Western Frontier to improve the park so that an entire run would be dedicated to the new terrain park. With the increased traffic we expect in the West with the new Dasher High Speed Lift (which will cut time riding the chair from about 10 minutes to about 3 minutes), we believed that moving the park to its own dedicated run would improve the riding experience and allow for more features and a better variety of features. Having it on Western Frontier will allow the expansion of the park onto the upper headwall, which, given the width of Western Frontier will allow several features on this steeper upper portion. In contrast, the terrain park on Main Event had zero features on the upper headwall, and no advanced features. The terrain below the headwall on Western Frontier is about the same pitch as Main Event where the features were located last year but on Western Frontier the terrain park will not have to share the run with a separate non-terrain park lane as was the case on Main Event. This should allow for a more varied and interesting set of features on Western Frontier than were possible on Main Event. Western Frontier is larger than the portion of Main Event devoted to the terrain features and thus the park overall will increase in size.

Our goal, as always, has been to improve the riding and skiing experience, and we believe moving the terrain park to Western Frontier will improve the riding experience of the new park versus the old park. Whenever we have changed location of parks or other features, some of our customers (and even some of our staff) have worried that the change will be for the worse. But once they ski or ride the new terrain (or get feedback from customers after the customers have experienced the new change), most everyone ends up agreeing that the change was for the best.

Thanks for the heads up about this issueŚwe will need clear up the misunderstanding about the reasons for moving the park (to improve it) and that it had nothing to do with adding moguls (the moguls will only occupy about 1/3 of the width of the run (although they will be extended downhill several hundred feet) leaving the other 2/3s of the run open for free skiing and riding).


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