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Shredler 02-02-2014 09:50 PM

2014 Never Summer Oynx 149
Pop it like it’s hot. Wait - do we say that anymore?

For those of you who grew up without the musical stylings of Snoop Dogg, welcome to the insta-ollie of the Never Summer Oynx.

My Initial impression of this board was “holy pop, Batman!” This board has a sweet spot that is easy to find and even easier to access. Shifties, grabs, side hip style - basically everything fun about snowboarding - became effortless and my amplitude was larger than before. In the park, the Onyx popped off the lip of the jump predictably and felt stable and smooth through the transition. The low profile tip and tail made spins feel smooth and controlled. The smooth pop made entering and exiting butters and initiating spins trouble free and feel so good. Riding boxes and rails took a few tries to feel locked in. I have had this similar experience with all mixed-camber boards. But once you adjust your balance point, the insta-ollie makes maneuvering onto a feature effortless. Did I mention the sweet spot? It’ll treat you right.

On the flip side, sometimes the Onyx pops too much. I generally had this board on my feet when it hadn’t snowed in a few days and was hunting for scraps in between playing on natural features. I have been bucked pretty hard in the bumps as the board’s camber curved, built energy and released, sending me face-first into the snow. The energy build and release applied in the proper application, however, is amazing!

My other wish is that this board came in a 151. I am the average height and weight of the American male (5’8” – 150 lbs). When I am bombing down a groomer at the end of the day, all I can think is “wow this board is small.” I realize that I am on the high end for most girls, so for everyone else, game on!

Overall, I was surprised by how many days the Onyx was my board of choice. For a “park-specific” board the Onyx kept up with the all-mountain flow and riding it felt creative, fun and steezmatic. If you are looking to take your all-mountain style to the next level, strap on the Oynx and be prepared to let the fun begin!

radiomuse210 09-06-2014 12:40 AM

Great review! I've been trying to find out how well the board does on the mountain. I like playing in the park, but I also like cruising the slopes, so I was hoping it would be able to handle all mountain riding. Hopefully the end of the day bumps won't throw me! How was edge hold and turns? What kind of speeds were you getting?

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