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70'sskater 04-04-2014 03:28 AM

Never Summer SnowTrooper
Has anyone demoed one of these? How does it compare to the Cobra? Has it changed much from the SL?
Thanks in advance

readimag 05-18-2014 09:04 PM

Yeah I have sorry for the late response I don’t look here to much. It is like the SL but with longer camber zones so you can get more pop from the board. I used a 160 and a 154 the 154 was great with 8 inches of new snow. Only problem was it did get tossed around being a small size so that is why I went with a 160 also. The 160 was point and go not chairman point and go but more like a f1. If I was to get the trooper I would get a 156-158 being 185 lbs and it would be a perfect all mtn board for me. It was like they sprinkled a little more fairy crack on the board and made it what I wish the SL was last year.

70'sskater 06-13-2014 02:22 AM

Thanks readimag sounds like you rode them on a pretty good day. Did you ride the wide version? Anyone else give this board a try?

Simon Birch 08-22-2014 10:14 PM

This website is selling the limited graphics Snowtrooper for $363.95 Never Summer Snowtrooper Snowboard - Men's - LTD Graphic - Free Shipping -

Lot cheaper than the $519.99 I've seen for the non limited release graphics. They might have messed up on listing their price.

CK1000 08-27-2014 01:27 AM

Just got a Snowtrooper X 164 today (I'm a bigger dude, 6'2" 230, sz 13's) and for the money I couldn't be happier (got one the "limited graphic" decks from Christy Sports).
Yeah, I haven't even ridden it for real yet, but I rode the Legacy 163 last year and can just tell this thing is a measurable upgrade; the newer ripsaw shape just makes the board feel lighter, and the extended camber (from hopping around on the rug lol) seems to have noticeably more pop. I can't wait to ride this thing; for about $360ish, I'll be riding a 2015 board with the latest tech. Yeah, camo is played out, but who cares about graphics anyway. I'm pretty sure I scored the best deal I'll see, as I'd probably have ended up with the $500 "more marketable graphic" version anyways... It's the same do-it-all SL/Legacy, just way better!

That said, the insert-spacing as far as stance-width options puzzles me a bit? That's maybe the only thing I'm not 100% psyched about... Usually on a board of this length the insert-pattern allows for a stance out to 25" or so when maxed out (which usually puts me right where I like to be, around 23.75ish using the next-to-last holes at each end), but with the inserts on this board the max is 24.5", so I'm pretty much going to have to ride it as a twin, or try out a wider-than-I'd-like 24.5" stance due to my bindings (Burton Cartels, which don't allow for width adjustment). FWIW...

P.S. - FYI, in case anyone is wondering, I contacted Never Summer and asked if riding a Snowtrooper as a "twin" (or, not "as-intended") would make it ride squirrly or f'ed-up and they said: "No, we set-up the sidecut to to eliminate any error with binding positioning." (Think they mean something to do with the Vario-Grip-ness or something...) What I actually wanted to know, and asked again, was whether the inserts were centered to the sidecut, or, if the board is just a twin with a set-back insert-pattern (which is how the SL/Legacy boards were), or just a little more technical description (i.e. twin/directional shape?, twin/directional flex?)..? They're cool, I'm sure they'll get back soon...

Simon Birch 09-03-2014 07:31 PM

Looks like christysports raised the price from $363.95 to $519.99.

Congrats to everyone who got one before they adjusted the price.

CK1000 09-03-2014 08:29 PM


Originally Posted by Simon Birch (Post 1800721)
Looks like christysports raised the price from $363.95 to $519.99.

Congrats to everyone who got one before they adjusted the price.

Damn, that sucks (but makes me glad I pulled the trigger when I did)!

Anyway, heard back from the Never Summer peeps, and can share some info on a couple things (as far as differences w/ the Snowtrooper vs the SL/Legacy boards):

The Snowtrooper is a "twinish" slightly-directional profile/shape, not a true twin shape, and also it's a directional flex w/ a slightly stiffer tail (this is different than the SL/Legacy boards, which were pretty much a twin w/ just set-back insert patterns, and twin-shape, twin-flex).

This makes sense to me, as though I had read that the new shape came from the Ripsaw, now after having one in-person (and hopping around a bunch on it in my living room lol), and looking at the thing, it actually looks like it's got more like the Cobra's shape, not the Ripsaw's... The tail is the slightest bit more blunted than the nose, and looking at the rise of the the tips, the nose comes up a slight bit higher than the tail.

EDIT: This was confirmed by NS, according to them the Snowtrooper shape is more similar to the Cobra's, directional, but not nearly as directional as the Heritage or Chairman, saying "It is a slight difference (from being a true twin), so you won't really be able to feel it much if you centered your bindings". Also, Cobra is their regular RC, the Snowtrooper is the EXRC w/ the low-profile tips like the Proto boards.

So IMHO: Cobra + Proto - Carbonium = Snowtrooper.

I dig it, it's very "twinish" and I can tell it will ride good w/ a centered stance, but at the same time it's got some "directionalish" things going on in there too that might be great for most of us looking to use it all over the mountain as well as in the park (as pretty much no one rides normal/switch 50%/50% of the time).

To me, even with a Cobra-ish shape, seems it's more like a directional Proto than a Cobra; a bit softer, maybe a better all-arounder if more than a few park visits are included in what you think of as "All-Mountain"; it seems to be definitly playful enough for buttering and stuff, but it has the pop to it too.

COtoUT 09-05-2014 11:38 AM

the trooper is a sick ride. finally, ns has broken away from that snowplow nose that haunted the sl. and the new elongated camber zones are great-the board never skips out. i think it's their best do-it-all'er in the line.

Dirk 10-04-2014 12:14 AM

I'm thinking of getting the snow trooper for this season. I've been riding a ns cobra 158 for last two seasons. Looking for a more playful, easier to jump and start working on spins board,that i can still shred all mtn with some powder days thrown in.. This looks like a good candidate.
What size you guys recommend?
I'm 185 lbs proly 195 loaded.
5'11" tall, size 9 2013 burton rulers. Looking at the evo size guide, I'm Not sure if i should get the 162 for weight reasons, or go with the 159 or shorter for more playful reasons.. Looking to put the rome boss 390 bindings on it.

midnightcaper 10-10-2014 01:56 AM

My neighbor picked up a legacy for $150 only demoed once not a scratch on it. Evo had a great tent sale.

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