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2015 Never Summer Mountainslayer (limited release for World Boards/Gallatin Alpine)

These are just initial impressions and stats since I will not be riding it until this weekend. I will update this thread with my riding report by Sunday night.

Like many other old guys, I began riding on traditional camber and flat camber boards years and years ago. However, I was never really serious about snowboarding until 4 years ago and since then I've been riding hybrid camber rocker camber boards.

After riding a Burton Custom X, which I loved, at a Burton demo day, I realized that I wanted to add some traditional camber back into my quiver, not as my main everyday board but as a fun board on which to blast around on groomer days. I love the precision, pop and predicatability of camber on those days. I didn't want to switch to the EST channel system and I like my current bindings so I did not buy a Custom X.

I looked at a lot of cambered boards: the Rome Anthem, Arbor A Frame, Capita NAS, Nitro Ultimate, D-Day Roach, Libtech Jamie Lynn Half Cap, etc. but, with no local demos and few or no reliable online reviews, I didn't have a lot of data to really help me decide.

Now I like my NS boards especially their durability but the last cambered board NS had in its normal line up was the 2010 Titan. They do make cambered boards though as OEM for a small number of people. For example the 2014-2015 D-Days were pressed by NS but D-Day has moved its production to another manufacturer. I knew that NS had made a limited run of cambered boards designed by Jay Moore for his shop World Boards and for Gallatin Alpine Sports for 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. These "Mountainslayer" boards had sold out pretty fast last season so I was surprised when I called Gallatin and they had some available still from this season. I ended up buying a Mountainslayer 159.

Jay Moore desribed his board as follows:

This cambered board has an all mountain twinish shape and is light and mid damp. The nose and tail are not too scooped so they break through crud and donítí plow the snow. And with a carbon rod in the front only, the nose is rendered a bit stiffer than the tail, just barely. That makes this thing float well and not fold on a mach speed outrun. It is NOT a tapered tail board and has a firm flex but it is not a beast to ride since it has a Biaxial glass layup; you can manipulate this thing torsionally and steer it with your feet in tight terrain. The nose and tail have POP with carbon Vís and there is a carbon X under each foot to drive power to your edge in a flash. The 5501 Sintered black non die cut base is the hardest and fastest money can buy. It intentionally has no die cuts for durability and ease of repair. You can slay the entire mountain on this thing.
When I called Gallatin for specs, someone who had ridden it compared the stiffness to the Chairman but I expected that since it was fully cambered with no rocker hinge point in the middle the actual stiffness would be way less than the Chairman although the perceived stiffness may be high.

Since no specs were available, I wrote to Vince asking for the specs. The specs he shared were:

It's definitely not a typical cambered snowboard. We added our Vario sidecut for edge hold and our extended transition areas to take the pressure off the end contact points for effortless turn initation and to keep the board from catching the leading or trailing edge. Your Chairman also has this feature. The Mountain Slayer has a stiffer nose than tail, most falls result from the instability on the front foot. It has a mid-flex for torsional control to appeal to a boarder for a wider range of riders. Around a 5.5 on our current scale. No Taper. Damping is similar to our Heritage for hard charging stability.

Size Waist Edge Sidecut Tip/Tail
152 24.3 116 790 28.6 *NEW SIZE
156 24.9 120 822 29.2 *NEW SIZE
159 25.6 123 863 29.9
160W 26.3 122 850 30.7 *NEW SIZE
163 25.7 126 884 30.0
164W 26.6 126 880 31.0 *NEW SIZE
166 25.9 129 904 30.2
172 26.0 135 950 30.3
My Mountainslayer 159 is:
Size Waist Edge Sidecut Tip/Tail
159 25.6 123 863 29.9/29.9
Flex is 5.5 and if it is as damp as the Heritage then it would be a 7 damp on the NS scale.
I measured the camber rise in the middle at around 7mm or so sitting on my carpet. I suspect that the extended transition zones at the contact points might make the profile a bit like the new age camber of Capita but I don't have an Outsiders board to compare.

My Chairman 160 is:
160 25.6 127 850 29.5/29.0
Flex 8 and Damp 9 on the NS scale

My Raptor 159 is
159 25.3 124 790 29.8/29.8
Flex 8 and Damp 9 on the NS scale

The Buston Custom X I tested is:
158 24.9 123 810
Burton describes its personality as past Happy Medium Medium and into the Stiff and Aggressive area

Here is the camber as well as pictures of the board stacked on top of my Raptor to compare camber profiles.

Here you see that the tip is lower rise than the scooped Raptor tip and tail.

Side by side with the Chairman you see the nose and tail rise are similar. You can also see differences in sidecut.

Here is the hybrid camber of the Chairman.

Here the back is weighted so you can see the nose of the Chairman pop up due to the rocker.

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That board is bad ass. Awesome shape...looks like a West w/camber.
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looking forward to your on-snow impressions..
If you can get any video, all the better !!
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That's sick!! Any chance they have anymore left?
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Wow beautiful board.
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Call Gallatin Alpine Sports
Gallatin Alpine Sports, Full Service Outdoor Store For your Winter and Summer Outdoor Adventures.

or World Boards
World Boards Snowboard and Skateboard Shop | Bozeman, Montana

I believe Gallatin told me that they have some more left over (not sure which sizes are available) but just a note that I paid full price for mine. At the time I bought it, they had discounted other boards but not the Mountainslayer.
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Interested in reading the review, but curious about the choice. You went with another really damp choice when it sounded like you were looking for a lively board with great snap, little more feel for the mountain, etc.

You are getting a Heritage in a full camber shape. I would have highly recommended the Capita DOA or Outisders to be your playful camber board. Even the NAS.

Hope you love it, but it will ride and feel just like a NS but with full camber.
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I purchased it before I got the specs on it. I had thought it would be stiffer and less damp but it turned out to be softer and more damp. Not quite what I had in mind but still may have a place in my quiver. I'm not ready to give a full riding review yet since I think I will need a few more days on it to get a full handle on it but I can give my initial impressions.

Actual riding time: 3 hours (around 12,000 to 15,000 vertical feet)

Rider experience: Riding a little for many years but only serious about riding for the past 4 years so low intermediate in skill

Conflicts of interest: None. I paid full retail for this board and no one gives me any free shit

Conditions: night, around 14 degrees Fahrenheit, low wind, 6" of fresh snow yesterday but it had all been skied off and the trails had been groomed then with a bluebird day had gone through a melt freeze cycle. Surface was very hard east coast hardpack.

Bindings: Very stiff and responsive Salomon Caliber

Initial notes: This board does seem to be a do everything board as envisioned by Jay Moore. But this is more a cambered Heritage than a cambered Ripsaw in terms of flex and damp. The shape is a set back directional twin but it was super easy and comfortable to ride switch.

It took me a few runs to get comfortable with this board. In contrast, I was comfortable with the Custom X immediately.

The board is definitely a mid flex and not a stiff board. The flex lengthwise seems stiffer than medium but the torsional flex is very much mid flex or softer. (To give a sense of my personal flex scale I though that the Proto HD 152 was quite soft flex) Also, it's definitely traditional camber but the extended transition zones at the tip and tail contact points seem to take a bit of the initial bite out of it. The board is pretty damp and had no problem with any chop or uneven conditions.

The first thing I noticed is that the board is super fast. I'm not sure whether it's the base, the factory wax or the conditions but the board was noticeably and surprisingly quick. I believe that the edgehold is not as good as my Chairman but still once the edge was set the Mountainslayer was digging trenches in some very hard hardpack bordering on ice. The Mountainslayer was an excellent carving machine as it would rip through terrain in a surprising manner for a midflex board but the camber pop was only decent. It did not have exceptional camber pop. I could definitely carve hard on it and it did not have the distinct fore and aft zone feel of the hybrid NS boards.

However, I am used to and like stiff boards that need to be ridden hard like the Raptor, Chairman, Custom X etc. My technique on those boards carried over to my riding on the Mountainslayer and I found myself overflexing the board. I first noticed this in the form of the tail slapping as I transitioned from turn to turn at decent speeds. This tail slapping was accompanied by the feeling of having the tail bent so much that it was not in contact with the snow. It first, I thought that the tail was folding or flapping at high speed but I realized that I was used to really cranking torsionally on stiff board and driving super hard and on the Mountainslayer, this was causing me to overtwist the comparatively softer Mountainslayer. This was causing the tail to twist up and drop back down in a slap as I linked my turns. I will need to work on my technique more this weekend to get a better feel of the board. This overflexing the board was exacerbated by my pairing the board with very stiff bindings. Regardless of my shoddy riding, the board still was great carving and could blast through stuff at speed. It took me bit of time to get used to it and on one of my initial runs I found myself bailing out of a locked in carve. Despite the long sidecut radius, I could drive it through tight dynamic turns and here the midflex and vario sidecut helped. The vario sidecut helped me tighten up the line as I drove the board through the turn.

I took it in the beginner park where it immediately felt more comfortable on the boxes than my Chairman but I did eat it hard landing a jump off a small kicker that I hit with no issues all the time on my Chairman. I'll chalk this one up to operator error but my Chairman in contrast has bailed me out of many a bad tail heavy landing. I did not test buttering or ollies yet.

Take all the above with a grain of salt. I am not ready to issue a pronouncement of the board yet. To be fair, I think I'll spend a few days riding it hard back to back with other boards and take time to grow into it before giving a final review.

That all said, the board seems like a great do everything mid-flex cambered board and so far seem perfect for those looking for a cambered version of a Heritage but slightly softer or perhaps Snowtrooper. However, as far as personal preferences go I like a stiffer board. My personal preference would have been to make the board stiffer but make it less damp for more liveliness and pop. I'm going to keep riding it and will issue an update in a few days.

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Sounds like a cambered SL
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Never realized they made a cambered board... blows my mind!

Thanks for the insight trpa
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