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snowGuinny 03-25-2009 07:45 PM

Unknown drinking game :O mysterryyy
so i was looking up some isenseven videos when i came apon this one YouTube - Isenseven - Isen7 BangBang Teaser August

i know its sorta called wacka wacka... they sort of explain the game from 0-35.. ull see.. and im wondering wat is this game and how u play it it looks trippy and fun :)

and while were in the subject of drinking games.. know any good ones?

Ruskiski 09-23-2009 02:18 PM

King's Cup
This makes getting shitfaced a lot more entertaining


1.Place a pint-sized glass in the middle of the table.

2. Spread a deck of cards in a circle around the cup and have your guests sit around it.

3. Each player sits down with their beverage of choice and draws a card when it's their turn, their (or group) action results from what card they draw. It doesn't matter who starts or whether you go clockwise or counter.

Rules: (I know there are a lot but once you memorize them, it's fun as hell)

2 - Two for you
Two drinks to the person of your choice

3 - Three for me
Player takes three drinks

4- Four's for Whores (we play 4 floor, last one to touch the floor drinks)
All ladies take a drink

5- Slap
Upon seeing the five card pulled, all players must hit the table with their hand. The last person to do this drinks.

6- Six is for Dicks
All the guys take a drink

7- Thumbmaster (7 heaven, last one to raise their hand drinks)
Whoever pulls a 7 becomes the new Thumbmaster. He or she can sneakily put their thumb on the table whenever they like. All the other players must put theirs on the table, too. The last to do it must drink.

8 - Never have I ever
Say a true statement about something you've never done. All those who have done it must drink.

9 - Rhyme
Say a short sentence. The next player uses a sentence that rhymes with it. This goes around the table until the last person can't think of a rhyme. He or she drinks. (Words/phrases can only be used once.)

10- Category
Choose a category. Each player must choose something within that category. If you can't think of anything, you drink. (Example: chocolate candy bars: Snickers, Twix, Reese's Cups, Milky Way, etc.)

Jack- Rule
Possibly the funnest card in the bunch. When you pull a rule card, you get to make up a rule for the game. Every time the rule is broken, that person must drink. (See Rules Game above for some good rule ideas.)

Queen- Question Master
The person who pulls the Q is Question Master until the next Q is pulled. He or she can ask a question of another player at any time. If that player answers the question, he or she must drink.

King- King's Cup
The first three to pull a King must pour some of their drink into the cup at the middle of the table. The last person to choose it must drink it. The game ends when the last King is pulled.

Ace- Waterfall
Everybody drinks. The player who picked the Ace starts the waterfall. No player can stop drinking until the player before him stops.

Feel free to make your own rules, but this game is the best and gets you hammered quick, in all seriousness I've seen people get so drunk after a few games that one of them crapped his pants I swear!

Augie09 09-23-2009 03:17 PM

damn - you get to take a drink for writing all those rules down.
Is this the same thing as circle of death?

mikieB 09-23-2009 03:56 PM

yep same thing jst slighty different rules: drink
3-me......pick sme1 to drink
4-floor......last to touch floor drinks
5-guys......guys drink
6-chicks.....chicks drink
7-heaven....last to put both hands up
8-pick a mate....pick sme1 to drink with
9-rhyme.....say a word nxt person rhymes with it or drinks
10-social...every1 drinks
j-nvr ever have i ever....smething u nvr done but if sme1 else has dne they have to drink
Q-rule.....make a rule (cnt say drink,drank,or drunk) if so u have to drink car models (honda,ford,dodge) if u cnt think ne more or repeat 1 u drink
A-waterfall...u cnt stp till person in front of u drinks all the way round the circle


snoeboarder 09-23-2009 06:32 PM

sounds like asshole too

mikieB 09-23-2009 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by snoeboarder (Post 183208)
sounds like asshole too

Nah asshole is a whole diff game.

snowvols 09-23-2009 07:46 PM

Ring of Fire what a classic game.

snowvols 09-23-2009 10:20 PM

Haha MPD, We always bought the "bucket o balls" from walmart.

Augie09 09-24-2009 09:17 AM

i prefer good old flippy cup to beer pong, gets more people involved.

j.gnar 09-24-2009 06:26 PM

this is my personal favorite game, everyone gets totally wrecked
its called three man, and you played with two dice

you pick someone to start and let the fun begin
depending on what you roll, the actions are below

1:1 Doubles - see below
1:2 Three man drinks (sum to 3)
1:3 Three man drinks (three on die)
1:4 pass turn
1:5 social(5 on die=everyone drinks)
1:6 Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
2:2 Doubles - see below
2:3 Three man drinks (three on die)
2:4 Pass turn
2:5 Player to left of roller drinks (7 left/11 right) and social
2:6 Pass turn
3:3 Doubles - see below; three drinks twice
3:4 Three man drinks; player to left of roller drinks
3:5 Three man drinks, social
3:6 Three man drinks
4:4 Doubles - see below
4:5 Social
4:6 Pass turn
5:5 Doubles -+double social
5:6 Player to right of roller drinks (7 left/11 right)
6:6 Doubles - see below

However, if on the Three Man's turn, s/he rolls a three or combination thereof, s/he is no longer the Three Man and then can designate any other player as the new Three Man. (This also includes if the Three Man rolls during a doubles give; see below)

Social: Everybody drinks

Doubles: The roller has the option of giving both dice to one player or one dice to two players.the person receiving the dice has to call out the number they are going to roll, however many numbers they are off equals the amount in seconds they have to chug for. if they guess the correct number, the person who originally rolled doubles has to drink for twice the amount. say dude a rolls doubles and passes them to dude b. dude b says he will roll a total of 8, and he does, then dude a has to drink for 16 seconds. if he calls an 8 and rolls a 3, he himself has to drink for 5 seconds. if you run out of beer during your count, you gotta open a new one and continue the count from where you left off

To condense everything:
Total of 7 player to right of roller drinks
Total of 11 player to left of roller drinks
5 on either die Social
Any 3 or sum to 3 Three man drinks
Doubles give 'em away

you roll till you dont get anything on the dice, but if you roll 5 consecutive times you get to make up your own rule
some fun rules are: no swearing, no saying actual names, no nick names, thumbmaster,everytime person a drinks, person b has to drink also, or having to say silly things before you drink such as 'sack gargler'

best drinking game.

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