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dasenergi 11-12-2009 07:36 PM

Need some advice!
For winter break me and some friends have decided to go to Quebec. There's going to be about 4 of us going, but we're not driving. My 2-door civic has never been good for long drives including more then 3 people, let alone snowboards and luggage for the week.

We're a bit torn about what to do and where to go.
Our options are either to go to Montreal for the 29th-31st and then Tremblant from the 1st-3rd or Tremblant from the 29th-3rd.
Due to not having a car up there, we'd need something really close to the mountain which unfortunately means that we'll be paying around 2000.00 for the week at Tremblant. I've looked into other options and found a hotel for 800.00 only 5-10 minutes away from the mountain.

I've been told that the night life at Tremblant is sick, so I'm willing to sacrifice the night life in Montreal to get those extra days of riding (and hopefully just as sick night life).

What do you guys think?

Dano 11-12-2009 08:45 PM

I don't know what your budget is or how you're getting to Montreal, but check these guys out.

Calgary Car rental Canada Vancouver car rental Toronto cheap

Despite the name, the vehicles aren't shit. We rented a van through them last year and drove the crew to B.C. Ended up with a 2006 Ford Winstar. They're the cheapest car rental place you'll find and really easy to deal with. Also, with 4 of you splitting the cost, might fall into your price range.

Just make sure you have a driver that's cool with staying sober, and a fully stocked cooler for yourself and the rest of your crew :cool:

dasenergi 11-12-2009 09:17 PM

Thanks for the link :)

Ill be the one driving so ultimately its up to me. My friend thats coming has a standard jeep that I might be driving instead because he doesnt have his full license yet, laziest dude ever haha. I havent driven standard in the winter or in heavy traffic because the car I've been driving for the past couple years has been auto so Im still debating as to whether or not I want to do that. I'm hoping we wont have to do too much driving while we're up there though, I dont want the crew too have too much fun without me.

We don't really have a big budget we're all feelin the college crunch, if that changes anything.

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