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Originally Posted by X1n54n3x View Post
i come up with theories about the universe when i smoke weed, i can only imagine what i will come up with after smoking salvia...hence me not trying salvia. or shrooms for that matter. i find it to be a trip to read about quantum physics while blitzed out of my mind, i may not understand everything but it sure is entertaining/fascinating
im the same way when i drink. i instantly get a doctorate in political science and biology lol...
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lol niiice... i turn into a philosopher when i smoke a little bit and a theoretical physicist when i smoke a lot. then a vegitable when i eat an over sized edible
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Yeah I know how it is. Ive gotten into DEEEEP conversations with friends about random stuff. Politics, physics, spirituality.

I think marijuana actually brings everybody closer to their spiritual side... and their laughy mclaugh-a-tron side aswelll lol.
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I can't believe this same thread is still around. I remember reading it last season. lol
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Intesting thread... anyone else like me, and can't do drugs? Life is freaky enough for me. I get panic attacks from weed. I guess that's why I chose booze, makes me mellow out. Weed never made me mellow, makes me hyper and freaked out as hell unless I was drinking.

My fav drugs would be codeine, and benzos. Pill popper I guess you could say. Never, EVER get into taking benzos and then just stop cold turkey... when you come off of them its like coming off Heroin apparently, as I discovered the hard way after taking about 4 - 6mg of Lorazo a day for a good period of time. Hands down worst experience of my life!

I quit drinking as well cuz it makes me so moody and depressed. I can't image myself on LSD or any hallucinogen, I think I would seriously end up in the hospital and go insane.

I do kind of envy people who've had those experiences without fear, oh well.

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coming off them is like coming off heroin because they come from the same plant. and benzos can be fatal if mixed with other drugs, so be careful & try to know what you're doing. don't ever take benzos & do will kill you.

edit: i was wrong, they don't come from the same plant. i thought benzos were an opiate, but i can't find anything that says they are. but the interaction can kill you, i do know that. it's happened to many a dope addict, even those who don't have a problem but fuck with dope from time to time. if you've eaten benzos even within a few days of doing heroin, the combination can be fatal.

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I would never touch heroin, are you kiddin'? I just said weed gives me the willies, and a mere couple mg of lorazepam threw me for a loop!

benzo's are CNS Depressants, like, well exactly like alcohol, so they "seem" to work great for anxious types like me. I was just telling my story, because its not just illegal drugs that can get you in shit. A week of taking a benzo and you can be physically dependent on it. The second its out of your system everything comes back on you 1000 fold.

Opiates like codeine/heroin are pain killers, so they can give you that euphoria feeling. Benzo withdrawal CAN infact kill you. They are bad, very bad. I am just happy I learned my lesson. I don't drink any more, smoke, or anything else now, I had my fun I guess. It's not worth the pain to me. I know it's ok for some people and thats fine, but for others... well that's a person's decision I guess.

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i wasn't trying to say you were a dopehead
just wanted to make the statement, because i've personally known people that died from mixing the two. i don't use dope either, and i kinda doubt anyone on this site does, but still, i had to say it. when you know info like that (that many people don't) i think it's your responsibility to let others know.

now the best thing to say would be: DON'T USE DOPE!!!!
it's crazy addictive (only takes 3 days of use to be hooked to where you experience awful withdrawal), it will suck you dry & spit you out on the street sucking dick to get your next fix.
well, maybe that's taking it a little too far, but you WILL pawn all you have (including your snowboard), all your parents have, all your friends have & anything else you can steal...that's a given. so just say no.

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So, just saw this thread before leavin the site..... and caught my attention. I've tried it once. Took like 4 hits..... 3 small then one big and held it in.... watched a tree until it started moving and then i exhaled... and everything kinda went black. all i could see was my friend to my right... and he looked far away. So i started talking to like a bus driver or somethin and said he had to go to the right and pick up my friend while doing random hand movements. then I asked if i was crying out of my leg....turned out i drooled on myself. Anyway, after watching the video of me on it... I made no sense whatsoever. and I would like to try it again. I only did 20x too.
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ive done a crazy amount of bud, lsd, DXM, heroin once, and crack once (both laced with weed)...

i havent tried salvia yet, but im going to soon as my mom gets off my case. I got busted with weed and pills in school... damn snitches. i got suspended and all. My mom wont let me out alone and she wont let me have over 5 bucks XP

damn it... im gonna go raid there liquour cabinet.

lmao at the ad above me as i type this XD
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