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vknyvz 01-20-2014 11:30 PM

Sugarbush MLK Weekend Report
Saturday was absolutely devastatingly(is that a word?) horrible day. it's either thin cover or just ice sheet? don't even try blacks they are ice rink. I wasn't sure I was at Sugarbush for a second I thought I was in Bryant Park public ice rink...I went to the guest services asked for a voucher, the lady there (and the patrolman) interrogated me, which mountain peak base I have been, which trails I rode, what is my skill level, what kind of a board I ride on. Patrolman `insisted` I should clearly ride on the blues. Clearly the mountain watching me when I ride, they know my skill level. She wasn't very nice about it at all but at the end I got a day voucher that I can use at any day till the end of this season. I will probably sell that on here or craigslist.

Sunday, ice sheet again but a little bit better on the blues but blacks forget about it ICE

Saturday, complete back to ice again, I don't really know how they claim to have good conditions, I wasn't happy at all.

maybe I am comparing apple to oranges... I might be spoiled we just got back from our Christmas trip, actually it's been 2 weeks (wow). This was my first trip after Colorado, and man it's-just-different. Snow doesn't even look the same. This crusty, man made fly-with-the-wind, thin snow looking thing no never near compares. But aside from that, conditions were not good period.

Also a side note: they apparently received some 2-3 days straight rain, it messed them up a bit.

Also, selling my 1 full day ticket voucher for $70. Regular price is $89. If anybody is interested let me know. I don't usually go to SugarBush.

eli783 01-21-2014 12:21 AM

Damn that's sucks man. The only north vt mtn I would chance without any natural dumps in the past couple of days would be stowe. I'm pretty surprised they gave u a hard time about the snow check, but sometimes those experiences vary greatly from rep to rep

timmytimmytimmy 01-21-2014 11:17 AM

Sorry to hear. Killington was pretty good - it wasn't that crowded (surprisingly).

Pretty much every trail had small patches of ice but nothing that you couldn't skid across. A couple of trails probably should have been closed - ice, moguls, dirt, shrubs, grass and rocks all on one. Killington got some snow over the weekends so the groomers in the morning were fantastic - solid corduroy underneath with powder on top. By late afternoon (2.30pm or so) everything was getting messy.

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