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mixre 05-18-2013 12:18 PM

Chile / Argentina, anyone???
Whattup fellow shredders,

I was wondering what kind of a response I'd get on organizing a small (or medium) private group to hit the slopes down south sometime in July.

I've been looking at flights for that time frame - looking at $900-$1100 - round trip from NYC to Santiago.

That's step 1. Ovrride has an amazing trip planned but it's $3400 and I can't really afford that extra $1500. I'm tryin to spend $2000 for a week.

If you guys come across packages - please post them - if there is any interest in setting something up so it can be mutually beneficial I'm all for it.

Let the discussion begin!

Epic 05-18-2013 01:23 PM

I've been looking at going to Bariloche in Argentina for a week in July or August. You can do it pretty cheap if you don't mind staying in a hostel. The hostels I looked at were $20-50 a night depending on if you stay in a dorm or private room. A 7 day lift pass is about $340. I looked into the ovrride packages too but it's much cheaper to do on your own.

I didn't look into Chile that much but I do know there's a $160 visa to fly into Chile, no visa necessary for Argentina. Factor that into your flight costs when seeing what's cheaper.

mixre 05-18-2013 01:58 PM

I don't mind either one, never been but unless Chile's necessarily better Argentina works for me.

If you're down to start doing some prelim planning (idk if you're tryin' to go solo) I am all for it. I wish group trips could bring airfare down but if we get in early the flight isn't a killer. I think my head would explode if I was able to snowboard in July but I'm willing to take the risk.

Hylofarm 11-24-2013 10:14 PM

I've been looking at going down south to Chile. Been on a few sites and spoke to quite a few people about trips. I do not want to stay in a hostel so my own room would be preferred. How I think about it is that you are going on a good trip, spend the extra money for something that will be a lil bit more worthwhile. I don't know if I can trust a bunch of other people in the same room as me with everything I bring. My belongings cost entirely too much to replace. Overide hasn't posted their 2014 prices yet but powderquest has many options but are up there in Cost. I'm thinking about doing Overide's out west weekend trip. If I like there setup ill pull the trigger on their Chile trip. I know I will only make 1 trip down there so I'm not going to cheap out.

baldylox 11-26-2013 12:36 PM

I have a hard time believing those prices. W/ a little spanish practice I'm sure you could find much much much cheaper. The average person in Argentina makes about $300US/month. My brother lived down there for a year comfortably on just his military pension, which is not much.

Hylofarm 12-04-2013 05:19 AM

Then what is your thoughts on going down there. Go through a travel agent/site or call directly down there. I have nobody who snowboards with me. All local friends move out west whereas I couldn't. Nor do they have the money to pay for the trip. So unless I go with a site I can't have group rates.

baldylox 12-04-2013 12:22 PM

I'm definitely interested, but from what I'm reading Argentina doesn't get very much snow. 2-300 inches. That kind of means back country is where it's at. In other words, you do need a guide and /or some avalanche training/gear.

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