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SBK 11-28-2011 09:58 AM

Demo/Rental LibTech Boards
Anyone know any place in Seattle or the Seattle area where they rent or demo LibTech boards?

I understand that Mt Baker has a few they rent but am lookig for someplace closer.

FWIW looking to try a TRS, T. Rice & Jamie Lynn in the 157-159 size range.


wrathfuldeity 11-28-2011 11:02 AM

But Baker would be a good place to actually ride them ;)

SBK 11-28-2011 11:08 AM

This is true but it is a 3 hour drive from my house and a full tank of gas versus a 1-1/2 hour drive and only half a tank of gas to Crystal or Stevens.

I'm contacting Baker Rentals to see what they have in inventory and will definitely get up there but would like to have the option of renting in town and then picking the resort.

wrathfuldeity 11-28-2011 11:20 AM

Do the performance rental at the white salmon lodge and you can change out boards all day long to demo a bunch.

get some buds to go and make them pay for gas and beer.

SBK 11-28-2011 12:07 PM

I just emailed the White Salmon rental shop to see what they have in stock and plan on heading up there with my ususal crew and try as many boards as I can.

Would like to have the option to ride elsewhere too.

DrnknZag 11-28-2011 06:43 PM

Mervin just announced their demo days today on their website...

Mervin Manufacturing

SBK 11-29-2011 10:26 AM

Thanks for posting that!

Looking to head to Mission this weekend.

Typically how many boards and sizes do they bring?

DrnknZag 11-30-2011 10:29 AM

^^No idea....I'm assuming they'll bring a couple sizes of most of their boards. I've never ridden a Mervin before, too bad they're not doing a demo at Stevens this year....

SBK 11-30-2011 11:00 AM

I've e-mailed Mervin but no reply so far. Might try post elsewhere on this forum to see if anyone else know.

Too bad about Stevens since that is my main hill. Mission should be a good testing ground as I'm assuming all the hybrid/rocker boards are going to be better in powder than my full camber Arbor. There should be eveeything from fresh groomres to icy crud there this weekend, really want to ride a magnatraction board on this to see how they go.

Been reading your review of the BG, love that graphic and it is on my short list to try if they have one.

SBK 11-30-2011 11:04 AM

Just heard from the Mervin rep, this is the list of boards they will have plus possibly a few more.

Gnu 2011-12 Updated
Model Size
Park Pickle 148
Park Pickle 153
RC 158W
Carbon Credit 159
RC 154.5
Altered G 159
B-Pro 152
B-Street 149
B-Mini 135
Carbon Credit 156
Park Pickle 156
Impossible 159
Dirty Pillow 159
B-Nice 148
Park Pickle 156W
B-Nice 151
RC 157.5

Lib 2011-12
Model Size
Attack Banana 159
Ripper 140
TRS 148N
Box Scratcher 154
Skate Banana 156
Box Scratcher 147
Trice 153
Skunk Ape 161
La Nina 156
Trice HP 157

Roxy 2011-12
Model Size
Ollie Pop 148
Envi 153
Ally 147

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