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pdxrealtor 01-23-2013 08:05 PM

Meadows on Rotary Night.....
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I went to Meadows on Monday not realizing how busy it was going to be for after dark rotary night.

What A mistake! I realize that there is reduced terrain after dark but I've experienced the same congestion on the few weekends I've been there.

It's actually down right dangerous and quite annoying. It got to the point that riding defensively meant just riding normally and dodging the fallers. Felt like if I didn't board like I was a running back on the HS foot ball field running in for the touchdown I'd be a victim of idiots.

Even taking a break at the bar I saw two riders who were injured from the crowded conditions. Hell, I got my night pass (even a season pass holder has to buy a night pass on rotary night) from a lady who was so scared to ride any longer she just gave me her pass.

Here's some pics.... one of the hRM parking lot, which they ran out of tickets for riders with the line a mile long.

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ShredLife 01-23-2013 08:12 PM

holy shitshow. that line at hrm is insane!

pdxrealtor 01-23-2013 08:21 PM

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Originally Posted by ShredLife (Post 625249)
holy shitshow. that line at hrm is insane!

Ya... i couldn't believe it when I went down to move my truck. Buddy of mine said he's seen it on pow days but that's gotta be rare. Every time I see the parking reports on twitter they're always pushing the HRM lot when the others are at capacity.

Good thing is after a drive down into govy and back the main lot was wide open so I could just cruise out and have a beer off the south canyon (think that's what that run is called) That and the 'tunnel' was wide open. hit that way too many times.

Bad thing is as I said ..... it was dangerous to be on the slopes. I tried to take pics of the fallers while i was on the lift, but they didn't turn out. The slopes were littered with them, seriously littered with people just sitting there after falling.

I mean, everyone has to learn or everyone has a fall but get the fuck up already. Get the FUCK up.

If I was the Wayne Gretzkey of snowboarding i'd have sprayed every sitter with snow. I was frustrated!

Nothing wrong with falling..... but for Christs sake get the fuck up immediately.

pdxrealtor 01-23-2013 09:34 PM

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Originally Posted by Snowolf (Post 625305)
Yup! I love riding at Meadows but I hate crowds. I totally avoid the place on weekends and holidays. Rotary night not only brings out crowds, but also many many people unskilled at skiing and riding. The other big problem with Rotary night is copious amounts of alcohol are usually involved. Combine that with crowds and lack of skill and it becomes a gravy train for Providence Medical Centers....:D

I try very hard to never ever hold a job that has Saturday and Sunday off. Whether its snowboarding or river rafting, I want my days off mid week and I hate holidays with an extra intense passion. If I have a weekend off for any reason, the only option I will even consider is back country splitboarding. Won`t get within 10 miles of a resort on a peak day.

I better include my disclaimer since certain individuals who lurk the forums like to get butthurt when they take a comment out of context:
This is`nt a slam in any way against Meadows. It is the nature of ALL resorts to be crowded during peak days and I personally do not enjoy crowds and choose to avoid them. Again, not denigrating Meadows in any way.

LOL.... love your disclaimers.

Copious amount of alcohol?? ummm.. guilty as charged! I said I fell, but I also said I get right the fuck back up.. I don't care if I have so roll to safety I'll move.. simple as that.

And.... I never try to hold a job..... period.. :yahoo:

pdxrealtor 01-23-2013 09:35 PM

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PS- how was the snow cover tonight? Any help to the surface? Not like it was bad but .....

Looks like Friday is going to be the best day, but I'm still gonna try for tomorrow as well.

Touch base via TXT. :thumbsup:

pdxrealtor 01-23-2013 09:37 PM

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Originally Posted by ShredLife (Post 625249)
holy shitshow. that line at hrm is insane!

You can kind of see in my last pic how crowded Stadium is with fallers, just sitting there. Just sitting...... :dizzy:

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