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PaoloSmythe 09-27-2007 04:46 AM

it's thursday..... again!
hello all!

temps in limeylandia have dropped well beneath 20C now and to celebrate a distinctly chilly scandinavian air...... i wore a beanie to work!

oh my! the need to slide is coming on strong now!

who needs a coffee?

PaoloSmythe 09-27-2007 06:58 AM

have you seen a BBC produced show called Planet Earth.

they've been showing it nightly over here on UKTV history (or whatever its called) anyways, it makes me happy to pay the annual license fee; farking amazing!

they covered rivers the other day, inclusive of the Colorado but last night it was all about the caves.... some of those in mexico are hardcore cruster!!

DrGreeNThumB420 09-27-2007 07:00 AM

yea planet earth show is great

T.J. 09-27-2007 07:59 AM

its seen bits and pieces of that series but its pretty good.

dunkin donuts coffee and a pumpkin muffin in hand this morning. i love the fall...

the urge to slide is starting to come on strong now.

killclimbz 09-27-2007 09:03 AM

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Morning coffee's on.

Planet Earth is one of the best Nature series I have seen. They filmed for over 4 years to put it together. Every single one of them was amazing. They even got footage of a snow leopard hunting. Came close but not cigar in catching it's pray. First time it's ever been seen, much less caught on film. Generally I have held National Geographic as the gold standard in documentary films like this, but this one raised the bar.

palidon11 09-27-2007 09:16 AM

caving is fun, too bad i only know of one cave anywhere near here. ok 2, but that second one you have to pay admission to see... weak.

REKER 09-27-2007 09:18 AM

Blaqk Audio... anyone ever heard of them?

Punkmouse 09-27-2007 10:12 AM

goooooood morning!

intake 09-27-2007 10:14 AM

if I went caving I'd be afriad that I'd worm my way into some little passage to see what's at the other end only to find a dead end where I couldn't turn around and then not be able to get back out backwards... :confused:

Kieran 09-27-2007 10:19 AM

theres a cave about 5 mins from my house [everything here i max 10 mins away :P]

go to Gib Tour | Gibraltar Virtual Tours and on the left u will see "st Michaels Cave, u can move around inside n shit, its quite cool.

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