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bravo_castle 09-30-2007 09:50 PM

Safety meetings for snowboarders (paging MPD)


SOLOPIPE is the revolutionary self-igniting smoking apparatus that combines a refillable, adjustable butane lighter with a high quality tobacco smoking pipe.

SOLOPIPE is perfect for those who want a well designed, easy to use tobacco pipe that also has a built-in refillable, adjustable butane lighter. SOLOPIPE specializes in assisting the ease of tobacco smoking for the handicapped and others inconvenienced by the need for two hands to enjoy their tobacco

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Sliding Bowl Cover: The sliding bowl cover allows you to expose the chamber when you're ready to smoke. When you are done you can cover the bowl and be on you way and no tobacco will fall out into your pockets.

Refillable Gas Valve: Each SOLOPIPE has a refillable valve that uses any standard refillable butane ensuring that you can use your SOLOPIPE for many enjoyable years to come.

Adjustable Flame Control: Next to the mouth piece is a standard adjustable flame control. You can increase the size of the flame based on your particular needs.

Cleaning Kit Included: Comes with 3 screens, cleaning brush, and solopick

..all you need now is something to smoke.

:D :D

Slaughterhouse 09-30-2007 11:05 PM

Wow! That's not too bad at all. Yeah, as far as travelling is concerned via air the best thing to do would be to pick up your papers, etc upon arrival. Never a shortage of head shops in Canada at least. By car I usually bring my Bakoda Herbalizer kit, a crapload of different flavoured blunts and a few bats. The cigarette bats may not hold much but they sure fool a lot of people!

N~R~G 10-01-2007 05:50 AM

ehh, i like my bics. and haven't smoked out of a metal pipe since i was like 11. that shit tastes naaaasty! i'm all about the glass...and joints for safety meetings ;)

DrGreeNThumB420 10-01-2007 06:48 AM

hahaha that shit is good idea

Slaughterhouse 10-01-2007 06:54 AM


Originally Posted by N~R~G
ehh, i like my bics. and haven't smoked out of a metal pipe since i was like 11. that shit tastes naaaasty! i'm all about the glass...and joints for safety meetings ;)

You know, the only glass I've smoked from is a bong. I'll have to give it a go someday! I try to keep the safety meetings for after the riding though because I have problems riding high, lol. :D

N~R~G 10-01-2007 07:15 AM

the only problem with glass is that you don't use a you can't be smoking no shwag, gotta smoke tasty nugs. i mean, you can smoke shwag, but nugs are always better, lol. but when you get one, make sure the hole inside isn't too too big because without using a screen you tend to pull stuff through if you pull too hard.

other than that, it tastes much better, as you're only tasting the herb (and resin) and not the metal (or wood).

i'll ask for you for secret santa on & send ya a lil one :D
i know a few glass blowers that can spin me up something decent but cheap.

i got one in my SS from whatshername last year. and a certain person from this site has sent me one in the mail, too! although it was broken when i got it...big hole that shoulda been filled with some of the bounty of his harvests ;) but i guess that's more of a liability

i love all you kynd people :D

N~R~G 10-01-2007 07:16 AM

i guess i could just send you one need for SS, lol.

N~R~G 10-01-2007 08:36 AM

i was on probation for 5 years & never once failed a test. well, okay...once, but that was just because my probation switched from NY to VA & they gave me a couple months in between that i took advantage of & didn't care when they went to test me my first time in VA. but after that i would just drink water before my test & i never pissed dirty...well, not that they saw ;) my P.O. knew what was up, but he didn't care as long as my tests kept coming back negative. he even said he wished he had a full cabinet of cases like me :D

Slaughterhouse 10-01-2007 09:17 AM


Originally Posted by N~R~G
i guess i could just send you one need for SS, lol.

Wow! Thanks for your very generous offer; I'll just buy one here though as they are a dime a dozen lol! I just never actually got around to it but after your description of a cleaner taste really has me intrigued. I'll hit up a shop next weekend and start off with a cheap one and take it from there! Thanks again though!! :D :D :D

T.J. 10-01-2007 09:30 AM

mpd, i've used those glass screens your talking about. if the piece is all res'd up you can get it to stick in there but a lot of times you lose them. they do work really well and are generally cheap if lost.

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