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Taylor_Gang 02-14-2014 11:53 PM

Dating Advice…???
I had a fling with a girl a while back and now…I WANT HER BACK!!

First…the story:

She was a stripper/dancer and I met her while she was working. I only bought her 1 drink and no lap dances. My friend “jokingly” said, “hey…you should get her number” when she was hanging out around us. She obviously heard it and looked at me and gave me a dirty smirk. Before we left the club…she approached me and gave me her number. Who am I to reject that…right? So…I got her number.

I never really wanted her number and it never really occurred to me to date her. I just figured…pay her for a “good time”, leave and go on with our usual lives just like most guys do at the strip club. I figured it was just a fake number also. A couple days later…I called to see if it was a “real” number and turns out it was. We ended up text flirting for a couple more days. Basically…I got to know her a bit. We like the same music. Have similar interests. Lived pretty close to each other and have the same personalities. I decided to ask her out on a date.

I took her out on our 1st date to a casual restaurant for some food and drinks. IMO, it went “SMOOTHLY”. It was charming, innocent and discreet. Lots of talking and flirting. No kisses. Light touching and a hug at the end of the night.

Now…the “UGLIER” side of the story:

1. She calls me her “CLIENT”. I am assuming she not only sees herself as a “stripper”…but also as a “hustler”. I never really took it seriously and thought nothing of it because most of our conversations were pretty light hearted, innocent and warm.
2. She is young compared to me. She was 21 at the time and I was 28. It’s not too big of a spread IMO.
3. She is a “BIG” time Druggie/Partier. She smokes a lot of marijuana on her free time and loves to drink and party hard.
4. She is taller than me. I am 5’5”. I am guessing she is 5’6”-5’7”…but easily 5’9”-5’10” with shoes/heels…depending on the height of the heels.

On our second date…we went out to a Skrillex/Zedd concert. We had a “GOOD ASS” time. We laughed, danced and enjoyed ourselves. We both ended up drinking and doing drugs (ecstasy). My entire fault…I bought the drugs =). I gave her plenty of space/freedom to talk/meet other people. At the end of the night…I told her I could not drive her home. We ended up getting a motel.

At the motel…we talked and laughed for about an hour. I told her I was going to let her sleep on the bed and that I was going to sleep on the floor. I went to sleep on the floor…10 mins later…she says to me… “I want to cuddle”.

After about 5 mins thinking about it…

I could tell she was testing me by her tone of voice. I asked myself if I really wanted to have SEX with her…and right than and there…self-consciously…I knew that she was testing me and that I SHOULD NOT have sex with her.

(It might have been the drugs) but for some CRAZY ASS REASON…my mind came to the conclusion that…if I DID NOT have sex with her…she might think I was GAY!!!!

So I immediately thought…well shit I don’t want her to think I am GAY. So I jumped into bed with her and I immediately started to touch, caress and kiss her on the face, neck and shoulders.

After about 15 mins of caressing and touching…I decided it was now or never to make the “first kiss”. It was clean, light and warm. It lasted EXACTLY 1.5 seconds and was imo “princess-like” for her. It was not a stupid sloppy tongue kiss.

I believe if I would of stopped here and we decided to call it a night…I would of still been seeing/dating her.

But nope…10 mins later…we are on a full-blown MAKE OUT session!!! Things lead to another and all our clothes came off.

I told her I wanted to “taste” her. She agreed and I gave her a good long oral sex session. We did not have intercourse as I could not get a hard-on because of the drugs and I did not have a condom. I gave her an ORGASM and we ended up kissing and cuddling the rest of the night away until we fell asleep.

The next day…we woke up talking and joking/laughing. I kissed her genitals as I was helping her put her panties back on. We talked about what happened last night and that I gave her oral sex. We left the motel and I got her home and to work. When I dropped her off at work…I gave her a quick little “peck” on the lips and said I would call her later in the week.

A week later…I called her up again to see if she wanted to hang out. She texts me: “I am seeing someone”. I was like…WTF!!!

I texted back that I was not disappointed, understood and that both of us were good people and that she could be anything she wanted to be. I ended up never calling or asking her out again after that text. It’s been about 2 years now.

My problem:

I want to date/see her again. She is ALL I ever think about.

Truth is…I think I fell in “LOVE” with her that night. I don’t know if its puppy love, lust or just the adrenaline rush of us being together…but…I TRULY wanted a committed relationship with her.

Its cliché but to me…it feels like a real life “Pretty Women” with Richard Geere and Julia Roberts.

Imo she is “HOT” and looks a little like Taylor Swift. She is Hispanic (but looks totally Caucasian), slim, cute butt, nice tits with an adorable face. Even though she had a lot of bad qualities…they never really bothered me because in a way…I was in “awe struck” by her beauty.

I NEVER treated her like a stripper. I always treated her with respect, dignity, integrity and lots of attention, adoration and kindness. As a matter of fact…I think that was one thing she liked the most about me… I “NEVER” really saw her as a stripper when I first met her at the club. I looked past all that and really saw her as a person with better qualities and bigger/better ambitions, dreams and goals.

I am really confused but also hurt and angry at the same time.


1. Did I move too fast? I think I should have played it a little slower right?
2. Is it because I am short and not tall enough? She joked about my height and belittled me a bit. But it did not bother me. In fact…I even told her that it was ok for her to wear heels if we were to go out more.
3. Was it just lust/puppy love and the best outcome is the 1 nightstand and not a committed relationship…?
4. Maybe she had a BF while I was seeing her and maybe I was only a “side” thing/fling and therefore she cheated on her man…?
5. She was probably too young and wild for me anyways right…?
6. Maybe she just never had the same feelings or attraction that I had for her…?
7. Was I too “clingy”…? I really did not call or text her all that much.
8. Is it possible to get back with her…?? If so, how…??

Thanks for the advice/input/tips.

Fewdfreak 02-15-2014 12:09 AM

You are in love wit a strippah... bad news. Such a racket, those girls only want you for the paper in your pocket.

Real talk though I work with quite a few current and ex-strippers and even now being "retired" and having hung the heels up they still have that mentality of how much money they can get out of something and are super thursty/self-centered in that regard. Move on and save yourself the child support later.

Taylor_Gang 02-15-2014 12:40 AM

Now that I think back...F$%K!!! IT WAS THE MOTHER F$%CKIN DRUGS!!!

Damn it. Sex, drugs and Rock n roll or my case (EDM/dubstep)!!!!!!!!!!

ETM 02-15-2014 03:45 AM

Jet falcon

trapper 02-15-2014 05:20 AM

I'm taking a big jetfalcon on the toilet right now as I read this.

Gotta hand it to him, puts more effort into his trolling than anyone ever.

GreyDragon 02-15-2014 07:10 AM


Originally Posted by trapper (Post 1539529)
Gotta hand it to him, puts more effort into his trolling than anyone ever.

:thumbsup: :laugh:

Yah, DCSnow wouldn't put in this much effort.

tradnwaves4snow 02-15-2014 07:21 AM

hahahaah that was hilarious.

so you're 30 now and in love with a 23 year old stripper you met 2 years ago and didnt even fuck her haha.

Argo 02-15-2014 08:44 AM

Lol. Get over it. You sound desperate.

BurtonAvenger 02-15-2014 08:45 AM

The only difference between a hooker and a stripper is 20 dollars and location. Screw the stripper get Tinder and go to town.

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