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chomps1211 06-11-2014 03:36 PM

GoPro's IPO?
Anybody else get the email about GP going public? Apparently we are all invited to buy stock. Wish I had an extra grand handy. Who knows? Might be the next Apple. (..stock pricewise that is!) :dunno:

Wish I could go back to the 80's and plop 2-3 grand down on Apple stock. I'd be rich enough to have my own private mountain to snowboard on today! :yahoo:

Wadda think? Just curious what folks here think will happen to GP stock once they've gone public.

Tatanka Head 06-11-2014 03:54 PM

Hmmm...I don't think I'd get hyped on the stock. It will probably perform well, but not skyrocket like apple. Then again, I haven't looked at sales trends or their sales numbers, so don't listen to me. I will say that last season was full of noob snowboarders with GoPros and I even saw some tourists in Italy using a GoPro as their travel cam. Maybe it is time.

BurtonAvenger 06-11-2014 04:17 PM

It's smart to get on it initially, but I think long haul their market will stagnate and shrink because EVERYONE will have something they can film with and not need to update as much.

chomps1211 06-11-2014 04:38 PM

Oh! I wasn't actually asking for advice on buying. I couldn't afford 500-1000 shares if the were going for $1 a share. I just thought it was interesting that the company was sending out emails offering (..regular?) people a chance at participating in their IPO. I understood those things to be fairly hard to get in on at the onset of public trading. Sort of a good ol' boys club among traders n rich folk! :dunno:

But yeah,.. Initially I could see the stock doing well. Might double, triple, maybe even quadruple in the first few months or more. But I think you're right. In the ling run it will settle in to a pretty stable price. It's not like they're selling laptops, smart phones, or software n shit. Once every wanna b adrenaline junkie has a camera and mounts, who do they sell new stuff to!

Then everyone will probably get out, cuz nobody does the stock market for " the long haul" anymore. Seems todays wall street is all about those 150-200%+ profits. Anything less doesn't seem to garner much attention or willingness to stick it out. ( least that's how it appears to this layman!) :dunno:

-edit- the by! Didn't it take a decade before apple stock really started to take off? It took 30 years for it to hit that $6-$700 a share mark. I have no clue what their IPO price was or how many times the stock split over that time. Only know If you invested a grand or two in the 80's, you are very rich today!

NZRide 06-11-2014 05:27 PM

I think its perhaps to late, Go pro has had any incredible boom over the past few years and made Billionaire of the inventor, but all the big brands are getting in on it now, alongside the other guys that just made action cams, now we see product from Sony, JVC and Panasonic with their release just last month (although not sure that'll catch on being a two part design).
Most of the opposition is coming in at lower price points than Go pro and some better innovations like displays on the camera to review footage, GPS and image stabilisation although they all have their flaws, shouldn't take to much for one of these guys to get its design right with good mounting, good image sensor and battery life etc.
In fact your mention of apple is quite relevant. I think Gopro has slightly arrogant view point like Apple and it may very well be someone like Samsung actually in the action cam market also that pulls out something that kills gopro on spec at a better price point down the track and will dominate the market.
I think Gopros success has caught the attention of all the big guys now and only a matter of time till they get it right. I've held off upgrading my Hero 2 for something better as Hero 3 doesn't really quite meet everything I want.

edit: Saying all that, I think Gopro shares will do well, certainly over the next 12 months, with new camera likely on the horizon before the end of the year which will give them a boost for sure.

andrewdod 06-11-2014 10:29 PM

the problem with a camera company is that they all go belly up at some point if they cant evolve with the current technology... look at polaroid, and kodak. Whats made canon stick around is their ability to evolve... and they're still having issues at the moment...

ShredLife 06-11-2014 10:33 PM

i think sony is coming for gopro - that said i'm sure there is money to be made here for someone smart at investing.

linvillegorge 06-11-2014 10:39 PM


Originally Posted by andrewdod (Post 1731114)
the problem with a camera company is that they all go belly up at some point if they cant evolve with the current technology... look at polaroid, and kodak. Whats made canon stick around is their ability to evolve... and they're still having issues at the moment...

The issue they're having is that the camera industry is evolving into a niche market. Smartphones have essentially killed the point and shoot market. Sure, a good point and shoot camera is better than the one on your smartphone, but is it enough better to warrant toting around another device? Most people don't think so.

The point and shoot camera was the backbone of the industry for years. Now the industry is evolving toward DSLRs and specialty cameras. GoPro has the action camera market damn near locked up right now. Their marketing has been fantastic. The other companies are going to have to spend a shit ton of money to catch up at this point. It's not about just developing a better product, it's about getting the word out and creating a market for it. I have no doubt that the likes of Sony, Canon, and Nikon can build a better compact action camera than GoPro, but are they willing to invest the resources to get their product out there and become a major player? Not only does GoPro have a great device with a great market, but they also have a metric shit ton of accessories available. It'll be a significant undertaking to gain major inroads in that market.

My biggest question about GoPro is how big is that action cam market? Is there still ample room for growth or is it a maturing market? I honestly don't know.

andrewdod 06-12-2014 12:47 AM

I agree with you that it's becoming a niche market. But the thing that scares me about gopro is the market could dry up, and somebody will come up with a better niche product that will overtake the go pro. For example. Polaroids niche was you could see the picture within seconds of taking the photo. Then canon comes around with the digital camera and completely destroys the need for a Polaroid. That's what scares me about gopro. As a company they offer no secondary product that would keep them afloat... As a finance major in college I'd steer clear of this one.

linvillegorge 06-12-2014 01:20 AM

Short term, I think it's pretty solid. Long-term, I'm not so sure.

Then again, there are very few sure thing long-term plays out there and they're virtually all in matured markets and will likely provide marginal gains. That's generally the way stocks work. High risk = potential high reward. Low risk = safer investment, but lower potential reward.

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