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PaoloSmythe 10-23-2007 04:54 AM

and so here i am bored as hell. eating peanut brittle, fresh from Portugal, along with cuppa qwaffy number 3 of the day.

had a few e-mails from my old man, complaining about being bored in Bali (the bugger)

but winter is defo on the way. another blue bird outside, but temps dipped to 3C last night and the trees down our street are all yellow and quickly lining the roads. apparently a few high altitude places in austria already have over a meter of fresh.

my bloody trapezius muscles are killing me; bengay just ain't working these days. my intray is devoid of pending tasks.

only 7 hours to go......

T.J. 10-23-2007 07:46 AM

if you were that bored you could have come up with a better topic name than "tuesday" ;)

blah, you and your 7 hours. i basically just got into the office.

PaoloSmythe 10-23-2007 08:06 AM

what can i say? boredom and a lack of creative inspiration make for contented bed fellows!

besides, it was in these very pages that i was informed that unless the day itself, forms part of the daily thread's title, then seppos tend not to recognise it as such!

so put that in yer pipe and smoke it!

N~R~G 10-23-2007 08:39 AM

it's a rainy day
a real wet one
it's all dark & grey
no sign of the sun
i need my rainy day
gonna get one
cuz i got no shower spray
and there's a hole in my bathtub

it's an excellent day
to be inside
that's what the weather man said
as i surfed by
it's a remote control day
and i desire
a fresh pack of triple A's
but i got a flat tire

the earth is super moist
the rain speaks in such a sexy voice
the perfect excuse
to lay around
and listen to
the seducing sound
of the rainy day~

-Rainy Day, by Keller Williams

sums up my today.

killclimbz 10-23-2007 08:53 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Hitting the bong already my queen?

At least the king was good enough to start the thread.

So us 'tards in Colorado get to try to buy world series tickets again at Noon. I want some so I can make some munny! People are getting ridiculous prices for WS tickets on Craigs list...

boarderaholic 10-23-2007 09:16 AM

What a waste of time it was for me to even bother getting up early for class. The only class of the day, and the prof isn't even here yet. Yet, she keeps complaining that we're all failing...geeeeee...I wonder why!

lisevolution 10-23-2007 09:21 AM

all of the bosses are out of the office today...looks like the animals are gonna run wild here in the office now!

N~R~G 10-23-2007 09:24 AM


Originally Posted by killclimbz
Hitting the bong already my queen?

i'm your queen????? awwww!!!!!

that reminds me of when i was like 6 yrs old & my family took a vacation to some castle-like place & i was chasing my older brother's friend around trying to kiss him & going "my king! my king!"

ps...i love using's smilies over here on, lol.

palidon11 10-23-2007 09:27 AM

i could go for a bowl.

T.J. 10-23-2007 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by palidon11
i could go for a bowl.

of cereal. i'm effing starving.

off to grab a banana out of the fridge. brb.

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