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Slaughterhouse 10-26-2007 09:24 PM

Drinking Games!
So, sooner or later it has come down to this. Everyone is getting shit-faced and someone has pulled out more bottles and the call is made "DRINKING GAME!!!!". Oh dear god.......LET'S DO IT! Wooohoooooo!!!! BARFFFFFFF!!!!!!

Down to the nitty gritty.....Snowboarding in groups ultimatley lead to sharing rooms, which leads to booze runs, which leads to liquor entertainment. So what is your drinking game???

I'll start:

One person has a deck of cards. The players simply have to guess what colour the card drawn by the dealer is: either RED or BLACK. If your wrong, drink up. If your right it moves to the next person.

2) 1,2,3:
Japanese drinking game taught to me by a friend from Switzerland. Everyone forms a circle, each has their own bottle of liquor and a shotglass in front of them. Working in a counter-clockwise manner, one person will say out loud "ONE", then the person next to him/her says "TWO", and then the next person says "THREE" but at the same time that person says THREE he/she must point to any random person in the circle AT THE EXACT SAME TIME THEY SAY "THREE". The person that was pointed to then says "ONE" and the cycle restarts. If you don't point and say three at the exact same time, DRINK. If you don't say one the second you are pointed at, DRINK. If you screw up and say the wrong number, DRINK. This game moves really fast and the drunker you become the harder the game gets.

palidon11 10-26-2007 10:05 PM

pff i never follow by the rules during these, i just drink.

Kieran 10-27-2007 06:48 AM

Ring of Fire (kings) is one of my favourites

Kings (drinking game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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