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Being stuck inside at work on a f'ing beautiful Northwest spring day knowing that Crystal Mountain is having closing day and a Bikini and Boardshorts race to boot. F work, I wanna ride!
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Originally Posted by Clayton Bigsby View Post
It never gets old, if you're in it for the passion, and not the fashion

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today.. i must be in a bad mood... i hate everything it would seem.

people who sit beside me at our school library and insist on basically yelling... not that it is the big piss off factor, but they are yelling in some other language too... just adds to the frustration.

another thing that pisses me off... i had to pay 25 dollars to get a doctors note to get me out of my exam that i'm re-writing today. i tried to get out of that by saying can i use my prescription, or maybe my form they gave me in the er the day before the exam... but nope. instead of the fact that i spent 5 hours in the hospital the night before the exam and slept the next 24 hours being proof enough.. i have to go get a note from my doctor who wasn't even the person who diagnosed me and pay them for the priveledge.
sarcasm... yeah... like THAT will ever catch on...
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Today I hate that it started raining and that the sweet base that we still have on the surrounging hills could be quickly eroded!
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Default swine...

I come in about once a quarter and see my buddy still offering his pearls to swine... Carmen, good to see your name and still representing the old farts. much love bro - mike

Originally Posted by mpdsnowman View Post
Sorry to hear that. That sucks. But your right things happen for a reason. Something positive will come out of this. May take awhile but when that happens it will all make sense...

Your job should be waiting for you. Most cases thats the norm. It may not be the "exact" job you were doing but you should have a job with that company after you get better.

Focus on the rehab and getting yourself better cause thats whats really important. For now dont worry about the vehicle and the driver who hit you because whats more important is you not them(her). Your energy needs to be directed toward you for now.

I wouldnt expect her to get arrested for that. The insurance companies will work that out however if you already didnt you might want to talk to a lawyer because they can help you get things "properly" taken care of and make sure your damages are "full" restitution.

As far as snowboarding and other things..Ohhh you will be back on the mountain eventually and Winter is aways away.

Good luck, glad your still with us.
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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Here, fixed that for you.....
i loled
Passion Over Fashion
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i was doing a school project on autocad, and the computer crashed. it's due today. fml.
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Angry it's a nice day, yet I have to study for finals..that chances are won't do shit to me in isn't always what you know, plenty of times it's who you know . yeah, life ain't fair
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Today I hate the fact those asian hookers stole my wallet and that coke was nothing more than baby laxative I"m shitting my brains out.
Angry Snowboarder Because someone has to call it how they see it!
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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Today I hate the fact those asian hookers stole my wallet and that coke was nothing more than baby laxative I"m shitting my brains out.
Well I was gonna post about my bad day...but wow.
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Today I hate bad drivers.

I was cruising along taking my dog to the farm where he stays while we're out of town. I am heading up an interstate entrance from a left turn. My lane yields to people turning right onto the entrance from the oncoming lane. Me and another lady are heading up the lane at the same time. So I let off the gas, moronically assuming that she was going to accelerate up the interstate on-ramp and I could fall in behind her. Instead, she sees me and hits the brakes. Now I'm in front of her, almost to the point where the lanes merge and become one lane. Since I'm trying my darnedest to yield, I hit the brakes a little in spite of the truck behind me trying to merge as well. So, of course, the woman hits her brakes harder and honks at me. We're now doing 20 up an on ramp and I'm playing chicken with a retard in an SUV. Instead of coming to a complete halt, I gun it around her and she follows me and lays on the horn.

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