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Originally Posted by Deviant View Post
So Friday this fat fuck at work comes over and drops a bunch of mondays work on my desk getting all snippy that it has to be done (it DOESN'T have to be done till Monday) I already had a ton of Fridays work on my desk and I said "I'm bogged down right now with todays work, sorry, see if someone else can work it". Instead of picking it back up she leaves it there, walks over to my managers desk and files a complaint against me and the girl next to me because we didn't do it!!! The Monday work doesn't get done Friday and I get a talking to about "communicating with fellow employees" What part of Friday comes before next Monday don't these idiots understand? She proceeded to bitch about me to other employees who I thought were cool people, and now no one except the other girl talk to me at work. So friday she also talked to the manager about having a meeting about work load (I work in 2 different departments at our office, the one with her that I was told 2 weeks ago isn't my priority during the day), manager schedules the meeting, and fat ass takes a PTO day on the same motherfucking day!!!! Chicken shit because my co-worker and I agreed to call out her actions and attitude in the meeting and word must've got to her.

The only solice I have in all of this is the hot girl across from me in another department (we've been emailing on break a lot) that want's to go to lunch just me and her tomorrow and she hates this woman just as much!

I hope on her day off she weeble-wobbles her ass to the top of the steps and tumbles down over her disgusting, candy eating, non deodorant wearing, sweaty, future-less, clogged artery, heart disease stricken, joke of a human being and waste of space body and breaks every one of her necks! GOD! Why can't my Toyota have a throttle sticking problem like the rest when she's pivoting herself to her car in the parking lot!?
I'm rooting for you in every aspect. Come back with good news (and pie)
Did she say Strap-in or Strap-on?
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Originally Posted by mOnky View Post
Hey red huh.. Was yours on the driver's side fender too? Well hopefully it won't cost you too much to get it fixed
YEP! weird. It looked worse... this is after I already tried to pop as much as I could out.
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To legit to quit.
On the move this season.
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Originally Posted by InfiniteEclipse View Post
I'm rooting for you in every aspect. Come back with good news (and pie)
Well I don't have any pie, although I'd like pie right now, french silk pie specifically....oh anyways it went really well at the meeting, I threw her under the bus so to speak and my boss agreed with me. She's been trying to talk shit about me still with the other employees and they've been coming up to me telling me they are sick of her mouth. I got up from my desk Thursday to go get a Rockstar out of the vending machine and she threw a fit but was pretty much told to shut up by the others around her

The girl at work and I are hooking up, been going out to lunch every day since and will be out and about most of the day tomorrow. Everyone at work is gossiping about us but whatever, that's what you get working in an office full of middle aged women. Best part....she wants to learn to snowboard
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Stay Strapped
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everything worked out then, excellent... I bet the office romance is pissing the first girl off even more heh
Did she say Strap-in or Strap-on?
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Having one of those weeks where everything goes to shit at work.
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going to be that way till December.
You won't do it.

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MPD I feel ya man

FUCK SPRINT IN THE ASS!!!!! I've had my problems with these cocksuckers over the years. Over billing, unwanted premium text spam, shitty customer service ect... but from what I can tell all cell service providers are about the same in that regard.

I've had the same POS phone for about 2 years and decided that since I'm eligible for a "free" upgrade that I would get a new one. So I go to there website (which is a cluster fuck) and finally get to the point where I can pick my phone, and WTF they want me to enter my credit card info to pay a balance of $0.00?? I have a paranoid phobia of entering my real banking info online. (I use a pre-paid card for online purchases) The fucking site wouldn't accept my pre-paid card!!! REALLY WTF!!!!

So while I'm out and about today I stop by the sprint store thinking I could just pick up a new phone. Shoulda known better!! The guy punches up my info, and indeed I am eligible for a free phone, however I have to cough up 50 bucks which they will send me back in 6-8 weeks??!! So I have to loan a multi billion dollar company 50 fucking dollars for a couple months to get my "free" phone??? Fuck I don't have 50 bucks that I can loan out right now, I just bought a Pathfinder+insurance+plates and a season pass to my local hill. Again FUCK SPRINT...I'm seriously thinking about not renewing my contract again...which was up in Aug. by the way. Way to go asshats, I've been a customer for over 8 years and what does Sprint care...not at all not at ALL!!!
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Hey man, executives need a cash advance every now and then right? Why not make the consumer pay for it?

I don't know about Sprint, but I can tell you one thing that's true about Verizon, BUY YOUR SHIT ONLINE. Retail stores will charge you typically $50+ more then what the online does, and the shit ships to your door next day, no joke.
PowderHound and TreeNinja
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Yo, buddy I hear you on the cell phone topic, I guarantee you'll get the line "Oh! The $50.00 you gave us is more of a security deposit incase some incidental fees come up and for service charges and things like that, so it turns out we needed to use it" They will always try to bend you over their knee.
Also I fucking hate when you got your post all typed out and ready to post when you accidentally hit FUCKING TAB! and accidentally go back a page and your whole post is gone!!!
That is not what I am here to rant about thought...
My problem, the fat fucking whore that's in my Personal Accounting class trying to lecture me on credit and credit cards; bitch are you for fucking serious?
True of False? Having more than one credit increases you credit score?
Me: Fuck yes true! Having multiple credit cards or loans paid off and in good standing would aid in increasing your credit score!
Fucking fat whale: Flase? Urrgh, You lose credit everytime you apply for credit because they wonder why you're needing credit...
Listen cunt, firstly do you know who "they" are? I'll tell you "they" are the credit bureau and "they" don't check your credit status unless you are defaulting on your payments or loans, or unless your bank is looking up your credit history for processing a loan or mortgage. "They" don't fucking care about your credit rating if you're in good standing. Just because you are constantly getting revoked for credit because you keep defaulting on your weight loss supplements which obviously aren't working for you and can't get a new card doesn't mean the rest of us have the same problem you ignorant cunt. Last time I was in the bank the girl I was talking with brought up my credit information and here is what she said, "My Andrew, you have a HIGHER THAN AVERAGE CREDIT SCORE for someone your age!", to which I replied "Thank you, and good day to you".
You see I am a very financially oriented person, I have 3 credit cards and a $5000.00 line of credit; which of 2 of the card I cut up and NEVER use and just finished paying off my line of credit... and I am only 21. Guess who will be getting a mortgage in 2 years and who won't.
Fat broad... please start investing in some shirts that fit you, just because you can't put a new wardrobe doesn't mean you shouldn't get one... and stop trying to give someone 4 years younger than whose is financially more stable than you financial advice. Jump down a well, pull the lid closed so I can jib over it while I laugh at your inability to connect simple thought processes together and whose I.Q a monkey with a ski pole shoved up its ass can surpass in its final death twitches.

Sorry you all had to read that, just try spending 20 hours a week with that. Blargh
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Just had an MRI and i have a bulging disc in my lower lumbar spine... Fuck my life!
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