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Originally Posted by grafta View Post
Holy jesus i'm so sick of people who complain about not being able to afford seasons passes because they missed the earlybird special. Go fuck off, you couldn't get your shit together even with the entire summer to do so?

Rant end. And thank you.
You have this too. Quite often I have the same conversation with people two years in a row, and reply "yeah, they do an early bird every year, remember us having this same fucken conversation last April". They usually remember to get one the next year.
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I didn't know I'd plan on driving out west for the winter until 10 hours ago.. I missed the early bird.. I'd put myself in debt tomorrow if that's what it took. Moral of story, eh scew em.. go find people to shred with that actually want to shred, then rub it in their faces later.
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Then they go like 4 times whole season and complain each and every time how it costs them a hundred bucks each day. Gah
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Mega pet peeve: I went shopping for new winter wear today since my stuff has a few seasons on it and is showing wear and tear. I walk into the shop, get greeted, which is great and then... forgotten about. As someone who works in retail, I understand and appreciate that the staff does not want to hawk on someone, but on the other hand, they can't ignore someone either. I eventually manage to track down someone and have to put in effort to get the guy to give me some help. Part way through helping me find some pants, he stops whatever he's doing and wanders off to socialize with the rest of the staff. I really hate that. If you're not going to give me help when I need it, go find someone else to do your job.
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right now im pissed about a couple things, both on this forum and off.

On the forum, all the spammers and argueing and shit, just read a thread in the boards section that was horrible:

Person 1: get this board
person 2: person 1 knows nothing, get this, the company he recommended is garbage
Person 3: person 1 actually knows his shit...

fucking hate noobs, well maybe not noobs but kids who come in thinking they know fucking everything about the god damn world.


P.s I know I said I have several pet peeves but now I'm too pissed to mention the rest
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Or... the 'snowboarding pants' thread: I need pants, help me.

Also, the 'my banana is furry' thread

Oh shit this is the Vent thread right?! Oops

Yeah, people who can't take being wrong about things, and will give misinformation just to save face... or avatar or whatever
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we should bring back "USE SEARCH FUNCTION" for a lot of the threads popping up. as the season closes in repetitiveness will start to pick up a little more.
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i hate it when people come in asking what COLOR gear they should get to match their other shit...are you serious? if you aren't old enough to go down to the shop with your jacket and put on a few pairs of pants by yourself, then take your mommy and she will coordinate your gear for you, if your lucky she might even take you to McDonalds afterwards and get you a kiddie meal with a toy in it!
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Originally Posted by ShredLife View Post
do they even make chaps with asses?
Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
I think they call them pants
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went on a different running poison

didn't bring enough cookies to work...only 1 left

fuck this monday!!!! lol
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This is an awesome thread!! My current bitching complaint

So I signed up for insurance back on february on my own individual policy..all was great except they put in a rider for my asthma and said they would not cover any asthma related issues for a year (ok this really sucks, why do I have insurance??) but ok I went with them anyways because the rest of their package was not horrible and the rate was the real bitching comes now when I go to add my newborn to the policy (Madison Paige, born Aug 27, I'm a proud father )
I add her and this was no problem..they said instantly, She is added..but then i realized that my policy, while good enough for me (a 30 yr old man with little illnesses) it was not going to be good enough for my newborn so i went to upgrade the policy..well then they asked for medical records for Maddy so I sent them immediately only for them to send me a letter telling me they would be canceling my insurance because I "did not mention that I was expecting or adopting" well...I didn't tell them because I DIDN'T KNOW! I signed my application on Jan 27 and we found out Feb 1. Anyways...its BULLSHIT and I HATE INSURANCE! I sent them a reason for my no supplying them with the info and it looks like either way they will still be canceling my FUCK YOU HUMANAONE!
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