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xotix 09-15-2011 02:51 PM

Need help: Where to board for a year? Work and travel
Hi, im 20, next august i'll finish my apprentice ship as a web developer. After that, i need to do 2 years of school to go to university for studying physics. Since it is the best to do the school's and study at once and not do a break between any of these "parts", i thought of doing a break right after my apprenticeship. :) And now comes the part where i need your help.

I thought of visiting a few countries, improve my englis hand maybe a bit french, of course, combined with a loooooot of snowboarding. :) Mainly, snowboarding. I thought of working a bit and mainly improve my skills in snowboarding freestyle. So i got a lot of questions. The local language should be english or french (i rly rly rly rly prefer english, haha). The mountain must have a good park. I thought of going to a host family, share a flat or rent something. I dont care about nightlife, since i hate clubs and don't like bars very much, at least in switzerland, they suck. Drunk ppl and stupid music isn't fun.

So here my questions in a list so my wall of text doesn't get too big.

The questions are related to the place you recommend.

Do you think, i can work easily as an it freelancer? What's the hourly salary?
How much do i earn in a local shop or something like that?
How much money do i need for life in a month?
Good site for flat share/host ffamily/rent something?
How is life as a vegetarian over there? I heard, vegetabels are expensiver then meant at some places in the usa?
And what about dreads? I don't care about the ppl on the street but when i apply for a room in a flat share/host family etc. I don't have dreads yet, but they are coming. :)
Ahm, i bet i forgot something. . . hmm.
What's the season dates and ticket prices?

I don't know if i stay at one place for the season or move a bit around.

Just tell me about your work and travel experiences.

I researched a bit about mammoth mountain and some flats are very cheap. Is it possible to get something to life for 3-400$?? (I guess the didnt mean month but night)

Thanks a lot. :) Oh and, how are the ppl on the mountain? In some vids i saw the ppl just going over the kicker when one just jumped off it...

Thanks a lot :)

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