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Deviant 10-20-2011 12:14 AM

Terry Thompson Can Rot in Hell.

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Sheriff's deputies shot nearly 50 lions, tigers and other wild animals and say they've accounted for all but one monkey after the owner of a private farm released dozens of animals from their cages then shot and killed himself.
I love Ohio, the parks, the seasons, the town I live in. Today I'm fucking ashamed to have even traveled through the same city as this fucker. There's nothing I hate more than animal abuse and due to our pathetic laws this guy had 56 animals he shouldn't by common sense sake. Including 18 Bengal Tigers (there's only 1400 or so left on the planet as is) 17 Lions and 3 Leopards. I'm pulling this from different articles because I'm still reading about it myself.

The fucker decided to release the animals, and then blow his own head off. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel bad for his wife either as she's just to blame, but in fact I wish he would've done it years ago. For gods sake if you're going to kill yourself, do it, but leave the animals for the zoo to take so they actually have a chance.


Thompson, 62, had had repeated run-ins with the law and his neighbors. Lutz said that the sheriff's office had received numerous complaints since 2004 about animals escaping onto neighbors' property. The sheriff's office also said that Thompson had been charged over the years with animal cruelty, animal neglect and allowing animals to roam.

“Tragedy-wise for me,” he added, “[it's] probably the worst thing in 45 years of history of working with animals. … I’ve seen poachers kill in the wild. I’ve seen animals killed right in front of me with their horns cut off. I’ve seen a lot of things happen in my career, but nothing like this have I ever witnessed.”

-Jack Hannah


Ohio has no rules regulating the sale and ownership of exotic animals.

Former Gov. Ted Strickland had attempted to enforce such a law, but Gov. John Kasich allowed an executive order to expire in April.

"What had been proposed frankly wasn't workable," said Kasich. "The complications connected to this and as a result we formed a working group."
Thanks for all your hard work...

C.B. 10-20-2011 12:23 AM

heard about it on MPR earlier tonight, what a fricken kook, its too bad they couldnt tranqualize/trap them. but you cant really risk a bunch of semi-tame lions,tigers and bears(oh My!)running loose in ohio.

C.B. 10-20-2011 01:01 AM


Originally Posted by Snowolf (Post 426725)
So who killed the animals? I thought the guy who killed himself did...was it the authorities?...damn, why couldn't fish and game drug the animals????

The sheriffs dept shot them, they did call some animal control unit and zoo workers but they were too late to arrive to the scene

Apparently a vet attempted to tranqualize one of the tigers but it was too aggressive and they had to put it down while approaching it.

The wackjob animal owner just let them all go and then killed himself.

AtBothEnds 10-20-2011 03:55 AM

This is what happens when animals are viewed as they are by society. It could have been avoided if there was pressure put on lawmakers to enact tougher laws relating to keeping animals and animal abuse. Hopefully some laws will change now, itís just sad that this is the event that may bring them about.

As far as tranquillizing/trapping them, as much as that would have been the nicest outcome for the situation I just donít think it would be practical in this case. There were just too many animals that were moving too quickly, I doubt any police and/or animal control department has the resources to handle something on this level.

legallyillegal 10-21-2011 02:20 AM

were the animals wild to begin with or were they bred in captivity?

COB 10-21-2011 10:17 AM

I live in the county next to the one this happened in. My friends in law enforcement say the guys over in Muskingum County who had to shoot all these animals are all extremely disturbed by the experience. Hunting is one thing, but having to just start blazing away at a beautiful bengal tiger or a fully mature lion is something I would have a difficult time doing.

MunkySpunk 10-21-2011 11:22 AM

The planet's already short enough on bengal tigers without this shit happening. The least he could have done is leave them in their cages and call the humane society before he blew his own brains out.

kpd2003 10-21-2011 12:03 PM

im in Columbus currently and the news footage really is haunting to see... it's a constant stream of the images and video footage of lions and tigers and bears oh my (had to do it) getting killed for no reason other than human negligence.

The worst part is the fact he had over 30 complaints about animal abuse and neglect - yet apparently in Ohio getting an exotic (and in some cases nearly extinct) animal is easier than buying a firearm or BUYING ASPRIN AT THE DRUG STORE.

Jack Hannah really is getting the shaft on this one - Either you give the all clear for the animals to be shot and get huge amounts of dispute from animal lovers, or you are forcing officers to do a job they were not meant to do and put them in risk of being injured from an animal they have only seen at the zoo.

Ohio can be great but most of the time it just sucks.

hikeswithdogs 10-21-2011 12:21 PM

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ugg what a waste , these type of animals do not belong in a cage of any kind

Flick Montana 10-22-2011 10:19 AM

Honestly, this is one of the biggest tragedies in a long time. I don't even really want to think about it. Just a senseless waste.

The only thing is, these animals were living in squalor. I almost wonder if it isn't better this way. Their lives will hopefully be traded for some new laws and opened eyes toward the ownership of exotic animals.

This guy wasn't running some kind of conservation effort, he was keeping these animals as pets. It's wrong on every level.

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