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JeffreyCH 09-18-2012 08:38 AM

My ebay/paypal rant...
Fuckin assholes!! I only buy 1 maybe 2 things a year off ebay, usually if I need to replace or upgrade snow/wake gear. I bought a new pair of boots last week, and the payment system has changed since last year. Even though my paypal is tied directly to my savings account, it takes 5 fucking days for the payment to clear. They hardly notify the seller, just a thing on his ebay saying payment pending...WTF!! It doesn't say payment taken out of my account and held for 5 fuckin days....this just pisses me off :mad:

Apparently if I don't ALSO tie a credit card or debit card to the account this is how they do it now. I end up having to apologize to the seller, praying he won't cancel the transaction, and leave me negative feedback...I paid for this shit hours after the auction ended, the $$ was taken out of my account a few hours after that, but due to the way they do shit it makes me look like a dead beat :mad:

Now since I am one of those weird people that doesn't have a credit card or debit card I have to either deal with this bullshit delay, or go spend 5 bucks on a green dot card to load $$ into my paypal account. I called ebay, and from what I got from Raji Mahodji " that's just the way it is" Fucking pole smokers!!

Here is a copy of my apology to the seller which I should not have to write, the least these assholes could do is verify to the seller that the payment has been made, and is being held by THEM...not ME!! :mad::mad:



I have called ebay/paypal and from what I could get from them was that there should be a payment pending notification on your ebay account. They claim the payment will be released by tomorrow. I apologize for not knowing that it would take this long for them to process this payment, I think it is total BS!! Had I known this, I would have went and got a green dot card and loaded the cash into my paypal account. If the payment doesn't clear tomorrow that's exactly what I'll do, and do for future purchases.

I hope this in no way reflects badly on me, if you look at the screenshot I sent, you will see that I did pay this on Fri. 9-14-12 While I only buy 1 or 2 things a year off ebay I still value my feedback score, all auctions that I have won I paid for usually with in minutes of it ending. The only reason it even took me hours to pay this one was because I won it at midnight, and didn't have a chance to check it in the morning. I came home over my lunch to take care of it, I get back after working out of town all weekend to find this echeck/delayed payment crap. I could have sent you a money order in the mail and it would have got there faster lol.

Again I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. If the payment isn't released by tomorrow the 19th I will go buy a cash card and load it into my paypal to make sure you get your money. Thank you for your patients in this matter.

backstop13 09-18-2012 08:53 AM

that blows dude. Hopefully the seller is understanding.

Islandsnow 09-18-2012 09:16 AM

Sorry to hear dude.

Get a prepaid debit card, mines with walmart (greendot) or get a rush card or something. There's many options.

JeffreyCH 09-18-2012 09:19 AM

Yeah I suppose I'll have to...just another way for these fuckers to chisel 5 bucks outta me.

sleev-les 09-18-2012 10:26 AM

I recentlly sold something on Ebay and it does the same to the buyer. The buyer sees the transaction, but he can't withdraw it from his paypal until shipment is verified. The seller will have to enter a tracking number as proof to help minimize the fraud. The online transactions are getting tighter and take a hell of a lot longer to complete, but its all the scammers that make companies put this crap in place.

JeffreyCH 09-18-2012 10:35 AM

I hear ya guys, I know it's because of previous scammers and what not. I just find it funny that I could get a cert bank check and mail it to him in less time then it takes for paypal to verify that they have my money.

** On a side note, I bought a $1 scratch off ticket, which I rarely do. I won 6 bucks, so I can pocket my dollar and get a green dot card for free :D sometimes karma isn't a bitch

JeffreyCH 09-18-2012 11:58 PM

So I go and get a pre paid card, figured wth I could eliminate a tie from the net to my account, n just set up a completely new paypal . I went to walgreens, and rather then buying the green dot I see a paypal MCdebit. I figure that's gotta be better right.....FUCK NO!! turns out that I have to wait 2-4 days for me to be able to transfer between my paypal/prepaid and my actual paypal account that I can use for ebay. Again I could have send a money order in the fucking mail and it would have got there sooner.

snowklinger 09-19-2012 12:46 AM

That's what you get for trying to multitask your porn machine.

JeffreyCH 09-19-2012 08:26 AM

No shit!! The interwebz should only be used for free porn, offering free candy in chat rooms, and trolling forums PERIOD!!

JeffreyCH 09-19-2012 10:11 AM

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DO NOT BUY THE PRE-PAID PAYPAL CARD!!! This is a complete scam and fraud. It cost me 25 fucking dollars to buy a $14 item :mad::mad::mad:

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