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SPAZ 10-03-2012 09:04 PM

Final First Car Thread!
hey guys, it's been a while! i'm liking the redesign.... real sick.

i know that i've been talking about this forever, but i got a co-signer for a 5 grandish car loan and i'm hoping to pick something out in two to three weeks. i've also changed my car criteria about a half dozen more times... but i think i know what i want now. or i'm just gonna have to be happy with it, and i obviously will be :D

after paying the first six months of insurance up front and dmv fees, i'm really looking at 4.5k to play with. give or take a little, not entirely sure how much my sister will go for at this point. i gotta pass a drug test for her among other things, first (bullshit).

i want 4 doors, a sunroof, and under 130k miles. after driving sedans versus suv's and wagons i'm more inclined to lose the cargo space for visibility. not to mention gas just hit four dollars a gallon, but i'm still open minded to suggestions. subaru's are cool, don't get me wrong: but the legacy's trunk is tiny as shit and the wind noise/lack of insulation in them are sort of a turn off. they just feel more on the cheap side.

my friend has a 97 audi a6 quattro, and i like it a lot. we took it to the mountain a couple times last season, the awd was really comforting but the car had weird electrical quirks (no rear defroster, air bags don't work, etc.) but the drivetrain itself is solid with maintenance and smaller repairs (assuming the trans doesn't go) to 250k. the only real downside is the complexity of the car will prevent me from doing many repairs myself, and the engine is sloooow.

i'm really digging the early 2000 acura rl's. the ONLY thing that bothers me is no fold flat rear seats, everything else about the car is perfect imo. it's super reliable and fwd would be fine for me. does anyone know if the trunk of these is big enough for three or so snowboards? or would i have to invest in a thule rack if i went this route?

also really like the current gen impalas. i could probably only find a 06 in my price range, unless i go to a used car auction. which i might just do since my neighbors a dealer and offered to take me, but i don't get to look stuff over first. i also learned to drive on one of these in drivers ed. rear seats fold down, and it even has a miles per empty reading, among other neat things on the built in computer.

i would still be open to a forester, i could find a nicely equipped one in my budget. but the aforementioned sedans are 10x cooler, don't get me wrong: the subies cool in it's own right. but it probably won't get me laid.

thanks again, everyone! can't wait for this season to get started, it's going to be great having my own transportation to the mountain this year. not to mention i just applied for a second job at ems, might take 10 hours a week there for the employee discount and supplement those starbucks bucks. :thumbsup:

henry06x 10-03-2012 10:24 PM

Whatever meets these four criteria is a great first car because you'll probably trash it.
1) It's cheap: The cheaper the better on your first car. Don't lock yourself into payments and go for the high end of what you can afford. You still need money to go play around on and dick off with your friends.

2) It gets decent gas milage: Buying gas sucks and expecially when your young and workin only part time.

3) Insurance is cheap on it: you have the right idea looking at 4 doors. The insurance is generally cheaper. Cheaper cuts out more payments and adds more money to dick off on.

4) It is decently reliable: something that will last you a few years and don't buy a car just because it looks pritty. Like I said you'll probably trash it. I'm not trying to affend you but I was young, my friends were young, and we all trashed them.

Something not super fast is also a good idea because you'll be less likely to crash and it will generally meet this criteria. You won't be less harsh on a slower car but the previous owner probably was unless it was another youngen and I will probably have less abuse on it.
Don't be mad at your sister for having criteria for you to pass to co-sign a loan for you. It is a big responsibility for her and if you fuck up it falls on her shoulders. You should be happy to do what she wants and kiss her ass for this trade off. My best friend got fucked over by co-signing for his brother and him not paying and shit.
In short, buy a cheap reliable car regardless of if its exactly what you want. You will have plenty of time later in life to buy what you want.

IdahoFreshies 10-03-2012 11:07 PM

I didn't read it, didn't feel like it, but are you seriously asking for advice on buying a car in ANOTHER thread? didnt you come to some consensus in the last one?

C.B. 10-03-2012 11:33 PM

Snowboards don't fit in Acura trunks period. That is all o my input.

snowklinger 10-04-2012 12:18 AM


Originally Posted by C.B. (Post 523006)
Snowboards don't fit in Acura trunks period. That is all o my input.

Do the seats not fold down like in my honda? I got a 2 door civic I can fit 3 guys and gear without a roofrack with one of the back seats folded down. It doesnt fold flat, but its enough to get boards in there.

C.B. 10-04-2012 12:41 AM

nah the back seats are solid and fit to give more leg room, however you can fit 3 boards and a person in the back seat comfortably, with gear in the trunk. I do this all the time in my TL.

slyder 10-04-2012 06:21 AM


Originally Posted by SPAZ (Post 522956)
after paying the first six months of insurance up front and dmv fees, i'm really looking at 4.5k to play with. give or take a little, not entirely sure how much my sister will go for at this point. i gotta pass a drug test for her among other things, first (bullshit).

This right here shows me that your sisters money is still at risk of being lost. She is doing you a HUGE favor and you question her charity because she is putting conditions on you. If I could show her this I would, as it appears you still haven't learned your lesson nor thankful that family is helping you out :thumbsdown:

As to the car. I didn't follow the other thread but do you have any clue what $4500 buys. In my area, obviously I can't speak to NY but it is a POS beat to crap car, with many repairs in your future.
I just bought my kid a car as he turned 16 a few months back. We found a 2005 Hyundai Tiburon 90K+ miles asking $7000. I was willing to pay that as it was in great shape, but was able to get it for $6500 and I slapped the cash in his hand before he could change his mind. I saw more junk in the $7000 range both private and dealer

Most cars with 100K+ that have had zero suspension work will more than likely be needing that. Have you priced out that work/parts. Even if you do the labor yourself, front suspension and all new struts $700+
Also most cars in that range will need a timing belt and that averages $1k if you don't have the knowledge to do it yourself. That isn't including all the pulleys and water pump that should be done if you are in that area of the motor.
Used luxury car, in the $4500 range well over 15yrs old and I doubt you can afford the parts let alone the labor cost.

I could go on for quite some time on similar issues.

Qball 10-04-2012 06:38 AM

You live in NY, get a honda accord or something like that and throw some snow tires on in the winter. FWD is all you need to get anywhere in snow around there. No car will get you laid you idiot! My advice...don't take any type of loan what so ever, pay cash for a car you can afford, buy snow tires, shred as much as you can.

ETM 10-04-2012 07:07 AM

get one you can sleep in

dreampow 10-04-2012 07:14 AM

Dude, you had an epic thread last year where you got good advice from lots of people. Seems to me then you weren't able to take most of that advice.
So I'm guessing you won't take it now but here goes.

Understand the difference between wants and needs.

Everyone wants a cool car and all that when they are younger, but even a few years down the line and you realize money is in effect costing you time (working hours). Time is priceless and irreplaceable. Spend your carefree years having fun not working a ball busting job to pay back loans.

Borrowing money is something I strongly advise you against. Repayments are just a horrible, horrible thing to have hanging around your neck.

In essence borrowing money is handing your balls over to the man and the man ain't in the business of giving them back, once hes got hold of them.

If you have the means to pay for and run a decent car why not?

If you need to loan money I highly advise you not to bother with a car at all.

Any car is going to cost more than you think it will right now. When you get paid small amounts per hour its just not worth it.
Find another way to get to the mountains. Find friends or even people on here who would be happy to give you a ride. I'm sure you could make it work without a car. Its not all its cracked up to be.

You don't need a car you just want one really badly.

If you absolutely will not see reason and must buy a car get something simple.
Preferably something not very "cool", it'll be way cheaper to buy because they are less in demand and a little less likely to have been owned by someone who wants to rag it.

Still I advise against it. Here is one scenario you might not be contemplating, but is a very very real possibility.

Loan money, buy car, trash car or car dies on you.

Only the loan remains and the man has your balls on a plate.

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