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Originally Posted by wrathfuldeity View Post
alternative theory....guys don't have any social life....thus on the webz...at least that is my case.

My daughter somewhat does some facebook, pinkbike, powderroom and is considering wolfpack. But is probably more into a varied and speedy chat interaction than a strickly focused forum. And if she needs advice there are plenty of guys to help and give her shit without being on a forum. She does hang with the guys and is often only 1 of maybe 2-3 gals that are in a group of 10-12 guys (skier, riders, dh'llers) and is generally willing to put up with their antics and give them shit right back, willing to go shred/rip and keep up. The other day she went out with 3 guys and did a 4 hour skin to a secret pillow stash...not many women willing and able to do that.

I hazard to say, at the local hill, there are perhaps more percentage of accomplished women riders than at any other hill and they are well aware of the bro/brah thing. But still, the gals that are comfortable with and accepted in the bro/brah thing in any sport are relatively rare and they often have older brothers and were raised or took to being a tomboy....perhaps we ought to poll the gals about this.
For myself, that is actually a pretty accurate description.
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Originally Posted by huckfin View Post
i don't think girls enjoy listening/reading about guys bitching about mundane shit... and that is precisely what goes on between users on special interest forums such as this one .. guys of all ages bitching at each other about what they think is correct, and trying to convince everyone their way is best...

YES!!! BINGO!!!!

(...women call that Marriage!! Why go on-line for THAT!!!)
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Originally Posted by racer357 View Post
My g/f doesn't post much because she is making me a sandwich...
Well done sir...
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wiping coffee off my monitor now..

2013/14 Days out:29
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The percentage of women riding is so much lower than the percentage of men for starters. Then add the content of the forum which is largely dominated by men and it probably doesn't feel super relevant to most women. Vicious circle.
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45-y.o. female boarder here, married, two kids (boys, ages 14 and 11). Husband doesnít ski/board. I buy my own gear. Snowboarding moms are a pretty rare breed where I ride, even more so on internet forums.

I love this forum! I donít contribute a whole lot because Iím lucky if I can get 8-12 days a season just due to life in general (not to mention the lack of snow in Tahoe last season), and I donít have a lot of gear to talk about--Iíve owned two boards (actually three, I just secretly bought a NS Lotus and stashed it away so my husband doesnít know about it yet ), two pairs of boots, one set of bindings, one jacket, two pairs of pants...But I read the posts regularly and have learned a lot, especially the snowboarding tips...and the threads are highly entertaining Hope to learn more about weather/snow/avy conditions for my own general knowledge even if itís unlikely that Iíll ever ride BC.

Iím not a girly-girl--hate shopping/spas/Pinterest, would rather watch football--but not a ďone of the guysĒ kind of gal either.

Crap, this sounds like a personal ad. Iím not looking. Really!

And make your own damn sandwich!
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Originally Posted by aiidoneus View Post
Say some random beginner guy on the hill is having trouble, how many people are likely to go over and give advice?
Originally Posted by Noreaster View Post
Ha. And how many women are actually gonna listen?
Seriously, if some random guy started giving me advice on the hill, he'd probably get the death stare from me
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Originally Posted by mixie View Post
ok, I am ashamed to admit this but I have come up with a drinking game.... I ride with another forum member and he was cracking up when I told him of my little game!! I'll leave him out of this for now... Im a light weight with booze so I would never make it thru a thread....

so, the rules! Anytime Poutenen post contains the word....

"camber" -> drink!

any mention of his gf-> chug
mentions h ow his gf rides a traditional cambered board and LIKES IT THAT WAY -> drink three times
posts a picture of his girlfriend -> shotgun a beer
posts of picture of his ironing board -> do a shot with no chaser
compares his T7 to his ironing board -> 2 shots
argues over some semantics that matter to no one but himself? -> drink until you fall over. (the lib tech best camber thread is my #1 example)

also, any mention of "alpine" "boardercross" or "hardboot" is an automatic drink one time.

you know I love you right? <3
Holy shit that's hilarious! Oh man, and I just PM'd him about meeting up when he's in Vancouver coming up
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Since I last logged on an now I have noticed there have been a few girls that were on a lot when I was last but not much anymore.
On the LFGSS forum there are a fair few females and they are definitely big contributors to the forum, definitely male dominated but far more females than here.

Need more girls to E-chirpse on here.

(I'm a guy)
80% of impossible is possible.
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I joined primarily to promote my etsy shop. I don't know what piterest is about and never even looked at it. I can tell from facebook it's not my thang. I do get a fair amount of hits directed from this site to my shop. There's a chance this site has gotten me some sells.

I have a good amount of experience in snowboarding. If you saw me on the mountain you would be able to tell I am female. My outwear is women specific and my women's board is stage 10 girly. I am not a pro level rider, but I shred.

The dog forum I post at is mostly women.

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