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Originally Posted by RockyMTNsteeze View Post

Denver also has a very strict pit bull ban. It's like a dog holocaust. This link is what breed bans look like. Thankfully it's not the entire state. Pit Bulls are adoptable dogs where I live. It's horrible to look at.

Leaked: photos of pit bulls killed due to Denver ban - Denver - News - The Latest Word
I'm not really an emotional person, but that literally brought a tear to my eye. I couldn't even get past the second pic, 1 of the dogs on top of the pile looks just like my (very loved) Duke. There really are no bad dogs, only bad owners. If someone were to break into my house and kill one or both of my dogs I would consider that an attack that would be met with equal force...badge or not.
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I like owners are the problem. Don't get a breed that needs to run....when the owner never leaves the house. Don't get a dog because it's cute. Do a little research on the breed and their personalities. Don't use one of those retractable leashes. Pick up your dog's waste. Dog ownership is a huge responsibility.....too many people take it lightly.
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Those pictures are horrific. I adopted a pitbull 2 years ago from a shelter who said he was seized in a bust at a dog fighting ring, i was hesitant at first but the second i met him i fell in love. He is gentle and loving and NOTHING like what people think of pitbulls. It really is all on the owner.
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Those pictures really pissed me off and made me very upset. If it pisses you off I suggest writing to the mayor with the pictures included. I probably should not of posted them since they are horrible, but people should know what breed bans do.

mayor contact
Contact Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock

I use a retractable leash on my dog. This is a dog that is worthy of being off-leash. I am well aware this type of leash is not good for many dogs. My dog is very well socialized and does not in danger himself or other people/animals on the leash.

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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Couldn't pay me enough to live in Denver! Seems that city has big issues and is always in the news.

While there are a lot of horrible cops out there, I am unable to a "fuck the police" hater of them all. There are many decent people working in law enforcement and I have several friends who are cops.
I work with a Portland cop at the mountain and we have talked over beers about this issue. According to him, a huge problem has been these military guys coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. The US military training along with their horrific experiences in urban combat has fucked them up in the head.

They come home, join the police force and can't adjust to American civilian law enforcement. They don't see us as people whom they serve and protect. To them we are all just "hajies" like the Iraquis and they see us all as potential enemies ready to kill them with an IED. Shred is right when he calls th cowards but most of them weren't originally; we turned them into cowards from 14 years of occupation of two countries in the Middle East. Like in the movie Forbidden Planet" these guys are our monster from the id.

The cruelty to animals by our military in Iraq has been well documented by all international agencies. Dogs in Iraq are routinely shot and tortured in horrific ways by American soldiers. Is it any surprise that when these guys come home and join the police force, they display such sociopathic behavior? It's going to get much worse before it gets better too I am afraid.

My cop friend is so sickened by what he is seeing and wants to leave the force. He doesn't for a couple reasons. One is that he is 7 years away from a really good retirement and secondly, like many goog cops who do it for all the right reasons, he can't bear the thought of what it will be like for all of us if all of the good cops with a conscience leave the force and all we have are militaristic psychopaths.

There is no way I can go down that "fuck cops" road. There are too many good guys out there and they deal with some horrible shit day in and day out!
I think that has a lot of truth to it, that would be the next step for someone who adores having power. There are some good ones out there but its few and far between. I know some back in SD where I'm originally from. They would let the folks know of my misadventures and gave me a hard time but never took it to a level that would ruin my future. I was pretty fucked up when I was younger.

I don't what I'd do if I lost my dog. Aside from snowboarding I spend every waking moment with him, I even take him to work. It's kind of twisted that I get more broken up about dogs being mistreated than people.
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This is really messed up.
All i gotta say is this is messed up and sad.
I just got back from a walk with my dog.
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I have no respect for those who harm animals for the hell of it or who support breed bans. I agree with Snowolf that not all cops are bad, but fuck those cops or anyone who hurts an animal without just cause. Maybe I'm jaded, but I prefer animals over most people...people just disappoint me for the most part.
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You come on my property and shoot at me or my dogs I don't care who you are your going to be in for a real surprise when i start shooting back.

My driveway gate has a sign that reads

"Trespassers will be shot and fed to the dogs
Have a nice day"

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This is by no means a Denver only phenomenon. Cops have been shooting dogs in record numbers over the past few years. Most of the time they have no knock warrants, kick down the wrong door, and immediately shoot any dogs in the house because they are a "threat to officer saftey". After they realize they are at the wrong house they give an insincere "sorry" to the family and go on their merry way with no reprecussions for their actions what so ever. Remember a police officer's primary responsibility is making it home to their family safe and sound, your rights, and those of your loved ones/pets are a distant second.

If you really want to get upset, go on youtube and search for "cop shoots dog". Unfortunately there are a ton of videos, and they all make me very sad/angry
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