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Default OMG Learn to spell!!!!! (Or: What pisses you off?)

Not intended for anyone on the forum... it's one thing when you're casual about your spelling when posting personal items on the interwebz, but...

Just sitting here watching TV until I have to pick up my daughter. Watching CBC news (Ch 26). They did a short piece on Juice Cleansing. One of the subtitles that flashed up was "People often use cleansing to lose wait".

Ungh, these are people who are being PAID to put that stuff together.

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Maybe they meant lose wait for the squirts
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That is a big annoyance to me as well. I have blocked people on Facebook whose "text" speak flood my news feed. By "text" speak I mean things such as: "OMG I cant belive dat I saw u 2nite!"
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But wait, there's more.

Stuff like that just normally makes me chuckle. For some reason texting/chat shorthand (ur, <3, lmao) makes me rage a little inside.

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I can't stand it when people can't spell out you or use your and you're wrong. Substituting in 2 for to or too is also pretty damn annoying.
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Bad spelling does get under my skin just a bit. But the text speak makes me want to slap people. I swear. Have a little respect for the english language.

I also can not stand when I see people alternate upper and lower case letters thinking it makes them look artistic or something. iT iS sTuPiD! Seriously....that takes a whole lot of time that could be spent doing something that doesnt make me want to break your fingers.

Oh, and bad drivers. If you can not respect the rules of the road, use common sense, and stay the hell out of my way and off my ass then you should learn how to take the bus.
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Got a firefighter buddy that told me, text speak was showing up on applications.
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Originally Posted by mojo maestro View Post
Got a firefighter buddy that told me, text speak was showing up on applications.
Dear god...

My biggest pet peeve with use of the English language are people that type things like it sounds.

Should've, could've, would've are all short for "should have, could have, or would have"

There's no such thing as a "could of"... It doesn't even make sense? You could of? I think you could've been dropped on your head as a kid.

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tahts crasy tok! I hayt wen peepple caynt spele tu!!
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I miss shit from time to time when posting from my phone, or if I'm in a hurry, That will be the time I am likely guilty of using web shorthand or "text speak" ...although even when I use it I don't really like it!

But as a chauffeur years ago,.. I gave up on people when a U of M football player handed me directions that read,.. "go down the rud and tirn rite!!!"

...he wuz a egzample of sumone dats kollaj edjumacated!!!!

Actually, my biggest peeve is when the news always seems to find a witness who "Seen It!!" in, "I seen the car was unlocked, and suposubley It was ok if I axed if I could get a ride too!"

"Suposabley,.. excetera,.. I seen it,.." People can't speak no good,.. you expeck 'em to Spell???
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