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Simply^Ride 05-31-2008 11:31 PM

Very sad day for my family.....
Well as I get started for a day at work I receive a call from my mom, as soon as I heard the tone of her voice I knew something was really wrong...

Then she goes ahead and tells me that my aunt back in Colombia had suffered an stroke followed by a heart attack... I froze in the spot, I could not leave work to be with my mom because we were understaffed and I didn't want to screw my boss over.

Her state is not good she is in intensive care and we have to wait 72 hours to see how bad her state is. So far they told us that the stroke affected her lungs and her heart pretty bad. Theres nothing much we can do but wait...

I hate to my mother in the state she is right now, my aunt is like the back bone of the family, we are not sure how things will go on without her...

I keep myself in a very positive mind, although most of my family is not. Personally I have always had a disbelieved in doctors and I hope I right and she will managed to make it out of it.

I am what you can call a hard core asshole I will not crack for anything, but today was something that I could not hold on. It's been about 5 years since I tare a tear, on the way home I had to stop to calm myself down. I think I have cried more than all my life put together.

My aunt has always been there for me..... oh God....

I know most of you guys are not religious, but for the ones who are, I beg you please pray for her... Thanks

She Needs to Come out of this.... She just has to...

hoboken 05-31-2008 11:55 PM

i'll pray for her man. i know how it is to loose someone you care about.

Simply^Ride 06-01-2008 09:02 AM

Thank you hoboken I appreciate it.

Last night was a rough one for me, I ended up taking a few pills to take me out.

The condition is the same, now I am in fear of receiving that call. Every time the phone rings I freeze, lets see how things go. Oh well time will tell.....

Simply^Ride 06-01-2008 09:36 AM

Thanks Snow :) thats nice of you. Yes thats what we are doing for now.

I wish my mom could travel to Colombia right now, but can't get out of work. We are waiting to see what happens, she was supposed to go there in mid July for a family reunion.

My whole family is breaking apart down there and news are not getting any better (I could see this coming, she was the one keeping a lot of this together).

I am keeping my hopes up there's nothing much I can do for now :(.

Suburban Blend 06-02-2008 08:24 AM

Prayers sent

Originally Posted by Simply^Ride (Post 52719)
I am what you can call a hard core asshole I will not crack for anything, but today was something that I could not hold on. It's been about 5 years since I tare a tear, on the way home I had to stop to calm myself down. I think I have cried more than all my life put together.

Better out than in as Shrek always says.... You needed to let yourself go.

++++VIBES++++++ sent

As horrible as all of this is, what is the message? How can your family go forward in a different light? Look at what led to her stroke and make sure that your Mother doesn't follow in the same path.

My Aunt and Mother both died of a lung dis-order. I just now (10 years later) am realizing that I have to stop smoking. I stopped breathing last week in an episode where I could have had a stroke. Scary shit for sure!

Fuck your job and everything else if your family needs you. Do everything you can for your Mother even if that means going back to Colombia. Your boss should understand.

;) Prayers sent.

T.J. 06-02-2008 08:34 AM

hope everything works out man. definitely some positive vibes your way.

killclimbz 06-02-2008 08:42 AM

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+++vibes are being sent your way.

Simply^Ride 06-02-2008 09:06 AM

Thanks guys, we need all the positive vibes and prayers we can get.

We know what led to the stroke. It's her fucking son, he drove her to that. The guy is crazy and he was always at her house driving her crazy.

The biggest problem here is that she lives with her son that is 45yo but he has down syndrome, his name is Manolo and he is 100% dependent on her. He has not slept at all in two days and yesterday when my mom talked to him he was going crazy. She also lives with her husband, but he is also in a very bad state, he has severe alsimers (don't know how to spell it). So you can just imagine how unstable that house is at this moment.

Yesterday the son that drove her to this was waiting for the 30 minute visit outside the hospital and he had some sort of attack went crazy and then had mild heart attack. so right now he is in the hospital too. I am not really concerned about him, as far as I am concerned they could remove his heart and replace it for my aunts heart, it has to be in better condition than hers... The guy is fucking nuts....

yesterday I had to go to work so my cousin was nice enough to come here and stay all day will my mom he also brought his dog so that helped her a bit.

Now we are playing the waiting game, nothing else we can do at this time.

The doctors are not being of much help either (I hate doctors, they got no fucking hearts, they are so inhumane). Right now she in a coma and holding up, they claim that the stroke was more damaging to the respiratory system than it was to the brain. But they claim that they don't see her coming out of that state. On the other side I am staying positive and looking forward to seeing her again, what else can I do :dunno:......

nzboardlife 06-02-2008 09:18 AM

You can't blame him for being down syndrome and living at home/being a bit crazy, but i understand, all you can do is hate the reason and if he is it, who am i to tell you otherwise.

I do not pray as i don't believe 'he' helps us i believe we help ourselves. I believe your love for your aunt will serve you and her well.

Stay Positive
"While you're waitin' and feelin' alone
Nobody knows why your love is all we need to hold on"

Simply^Ride 06-02-2008 09:27 AM

I am sorry, I might of wrote it bad. The down syndrome son is not the bad one, that drove her to this, he is actually really cool and nice (it killed me yesterday to hear him cry and scream, he wont eat, sleep or nothing :dunno:)

The other soon drove her crazy, his name is Julian. the guy is just crazy, after his mother suffered the stroke and heart attack he told his 10yo daughter and wife he was going to kill them, because they drove his mom to that. He knows that it's his fault but he wont admit it.

Thanks for the good thoughts :)

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