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17 years in I.T. from desktop support to Systems Admin(don't want to get into management). My honest advice is NEVER upgrade your O.S. unless your current one is no longer supported or the new one has a feature that you have to have. You'll run into issues with software and hardware that immediately stop working. By the time you realize it, you just spent 4-8 hours for nothing. Then you have to spend the same amount of time to reload your old O.S. and software again. The vendor might eventually get those issues worked out but you'll be stuck waiting. If you count on the machine for work or school, it's not worth it. I've got a tech-net subscription and don't pay for any of this crap. I run 7 Enterprise and will for a long time.

P.S. I do agree with atr3yu, that for a light user(browsing, networking, office stuff), it will be fine/fun. I happen to have a lot invested in peripherals/software and I've made the mistake before.
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i'm getting used to it at work.. but i'm not ready to switch up at home yet.

you have a metro mode (live tiles) and a desktop mode. kind of like the normal windows you are used to. you have to hit start key to get to your apps and the metro mode and then can easily find them by starting to type the name of one. its not bad.. but i have a dual monitor setup, both 24" and one is a touch screen.. its super dumbed down for touch screen use.. as some one stated. real good for light use and touch screens.. you can play some of these phone app games on a big ass screen using the touch monitor.. (kind of cool)

its change, you have to decide if change is good or not or the right timing?

we are all using it in daily tasks and serious work at work (I work at Microsoft) and its just a little different but easy enough to get used to.
I haven't change at home.. still running win7
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I don't really like it.
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Originally Posted by freshy View Post
Wondering if the people that have upgraded to it like it or hate it and why. I'm thinking of picking up a copy before Jan 31 for $70 as the price goes up to $250 after that. I'm fairly happy with 7, cept for a midi controller driver issue I have. But saving $180 seems reason enough to upgrade.
Anyway, thoughts?

Oh yeah it's going on a lappy with a multi touch track pad.
You mention midi. I'm an audio production geek with some gear. I've always run an older/well tested OS just so I can get everything running without having to wait for drivers etc.

Getting new laptop soon, will be looking at running 7 i think. Use it at work and it seems ok. Dunno bout 8. Will let the world of early adopters go for it
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Woah pretty much no one recommends it here...Somehow I thought more people would be into it. A little surprised it seems very few have actually tried it for them selves. I tend not to pay too much attention to the so called professional reviews, seems like they are all in agreement it pretty much sucks. But most opinions of every day people and friends seem to be a little more positive for the most part, except for here.
I'm also on the Propellerheads forum a lot since I use Reason for producing music and seems the people there that have upgraded like it better than 7 and are not going back. I know the usual problems like drivers ect, but from what I gather most software/hardware companies have already addressed these issues.

I have 3 issues with 7 now.

1. I can't stream to my xbox, support thinks it's something to do with my computer being on wifi and old school xbox on wired internet.

2. I have a midi controller that suddenly stopped working due to some strange midi driver problem. Have tried everything short of a reformat which brings me to point 3.

3. I don't have a physical copy of win 7, and sure as shit aint gonna pay the $250 for one. I'm the kind of guy who like to reformat every so often to clean up my junk files and speed my computer back up, also forces me to back up my files. When did computers stop coming with a os disk? Last one I bought was in 01 and it came with an xp disk.

If I do install and and want to go back I guess I easily can with the rescue disks I made.

Maybe it's a long shot but I'm hoping 8 will magically fix those first two problems. Maybe a reformat will fix the midi issue? But it also seems to me 8 is more tightly integrated with xbox stuff.
I know what you all are saying because I also usually don't care about updating my OS but for some reason I have become somewhat obsessed with 8. I guess I like the idea of stuff being more simple, I'm not a power user or anything, just basically use this computer for browsing, producing and watching movies n stuff.

Man, I just don't know.
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Yeh it's tricky man. What I used to do was go through every bit of hardware and software I use in conjunction with my computer and check see if its compatible. Boring shit but nothing worse than finding a program just isn't supported and having to wait it out.

If your gear and apps are gonna work on it then pull the trigger!
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For anyone that cares or is looking for computer advice on this forum, windows 8 is pretty awesome. Sure it takes a little getting used to the new start menu thing and navigating some things that have been the same for years; like the control panel and shutting down the computer. But I feel like it's really well designed. I don't have any complaints, in fact I can stream to my xbox with no problems what so ever and my midi controller issue is gone too, so I only got praise.
Start up and shut down times are way faster, not that is a big deal but it is very noticeable. There are a few little things that I am already getting used to like shutting down start menu apps you need to drag from the top of the screen to the bottom which makes sense with a tablet but takes getting used to with a mouse. You can also view running apps and close them by mousing over to the top left corner and right clicking them to close.
The only other small annoyance is when you go the the corners a box appears for the start menu or running apps, and I naturally want to click the center of the box, but moving the mouse to the center will cause it to disappear, you need to click while the mouse is far left.
Anyway I am happy I upgraded, and would recommend win8 to people who want something different and works well.
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