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pdxrealtor 02-06-2013 04:35 PM

The Youth of America
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I was watching a show today and they led in with a segment about the youth of America. I was just talking about this with a buddy last week. About how flat out disrespectful some are.

Anyways... this video made laugh.

ThunderChunky 02-06-2013 04:45 PM

Just to be fair, there is a .05% that aren't like this. And it pisses us off that these retards are around. Seriously, you think it pisses you off, imagine if they were your peers. Fucking hate people already and I ain't even old enough to drink. :laugh:

pdxrealtor 02-06-2013 04:52 PM

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Oh I no, for sure.

I was never like this either, ever. I always had respect for people and I run into kids all the time who do to.

But man some of them and their FU attitudes are just mind blowing.

It's like this chick thinks she is out just 'kicking it' with her friends or something. Totally oblivious. :laugh:

I laughed my ass off the several times I've watched this (it is kind of funny) but the big picture really isn't funny at all.....

ThunderChunky 02-06-2013 06:10 PM

It was those fuckin hippies in the sixties man. Fucked everything up dammit.

gmore10 02-06-2013 06:19 PM

Thats total bullshit me and my friends work are asses off more than some 40 or 50 years old would. But I see what your saying most kids have there parents pay for them to go and play and drink their asses off at college. But I decided instead of fuckin around in college I work full time and go to school. Some of us are pretty responsible while others I cant even fucking understand. So dont worrry there still a couple good kids out there.

chomps1211 02-06-2013 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by Snowolf (Post 689817)
I know I'm going to sound like some old codger here but I think a part of this problem is economics. Today, it takes both mom and dad working full time and taking any overtime they can get just to provide for a reasonably comfortable middle class lifestyle. Many kids get very little in the way of parenting and their only role models are other kids.

In our day, we had a lot of stay at home moms teaching us social behavior and etiquette. Dad usually only needed to put in a 40 hour week and had a few hours every night to influence and mentor us. On weekends the entire family did stuff together and typically interacted with other families where we learned social skills and values.

Then add to that, our entertainment culture where the top Hollywood role models are typically rude, violent, bad ass characters who are the antithesis of social grace.

Not saying this is the only factor but I do think economic pressure plays a big role.

I have to politely disagree with the last part of the premise in your first statement. I don't think it's that their sole role models are other kids. I think your Last statement has more to do with it! They're being parented by Brittany Spears, Paris (...dipshit self absorbed whore,) Hilton, and the likes of "The Jersey Shore & Laguna!!!" Add that to the various "Sports Celebrities" being Idolized and that think they're above Civil behavior and or the Law, not to mention The immoral and or criminal antics of our politicians & problems with various church & clergy?????

Schools graduate illiterate students, colleges are party, party, party!!! WTF would you expect! A lie isn't a "Lie", Sex isn't "Sex"! Rape isn't "Rape" Spin, spin, spin,.. and Mom & Dad are working more hours for less money so they aren't home or just don't care!!!

I used to drive Limo's for a living. Did it for 8 years, I've Driven for many many Prom's & homecomings, You wouldn't BELIEVE the stuff I've seen & heard from kids!!! And honestly,.. the richer their parents, the dumber & more selfish & self centered they were!! Don't get me wrong, I've seen plenty of the dirt poor "Trailer Trash" types that werent any better!

I saw MANY more responsible, polite, self respecting, intelligent kids coming from solidly blue collar, middle class neighborhoods than I did from anywhere else! (...and before anybody gets all "Flame Happy" on me,) There were obviously exceptions to all of this, but I can honestly say, I saw nowhere near enough of them to believe that it disproves my statements or would change my opinions!!! :dunno:

If we're dependent on today's youth in general or those of the wealthy, powerful or famous in particular to watch over the world & run things in our declining years,... WE'RE FUCKED!!!!!

(...How THAT for "Old & Codger!!!") :laugh: ;)

mojo maestro 02-06-2013 06:47 PM

People are stupid and it's way to easy to reproduce.

ThunderChunky 02-06-2013 07:12 PM

^That pretty much sums it up.

People are gonna act how they are allowed to act. There are the .05% that aren't because for some reason they care about others more than themselves, but it used to be that the other 99.95% weren't allowed to get away with half the shit they were today.

pdxrealtor 02-06-2013 07:51 PM

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I think a lot of it has to do with parents and teachers, influences in general. But they can only do so much.

They have a lot to compete with these days, from TV shows to video games to 10 different news channels glorifying the days worst news 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

HeroForADay 02-06-2013 08:09 PM

I couldn't imagine getting away with stuff like that as a kid. I would have gotten my head kicked in...

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