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Default Bear Mtn closes for search of murder suspect

Holy crap. This is something out of a movie.
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Originally Posted by 509-pow View Post
Holy crap. This is something out of a movie.
It is a movie. Nothing in socal is real.

Lapd are fuxking thugs.

So uh anyone want to ride Tuesday?
if a cat fucked a shark, the babies would be called women. snowklinger
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I read a little more into this from the links. The LAPD shot up another pick up truck in the same day. The truck was not the suspects just like the Toyota those women were driving. Christopher Dorner is a black male. The people driving the trucks do not match the suspect at all. The second truck was being drove by a white male.

They are shooting and asking questions later. I would be more worried about the police in LA than the suspect.

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This is getting super interesting - largest manhunt in California history forming out there right now.

Here is a detailed time-line of the events happening:

Suspect: Christopher Dorner - Former LAPD officer and Navy Reservist. Trained sniper, proficient in numerous tactics, firearms and police procedures. He has "declared war" on the LAPD and is a fugitive from justice as of 11:30PM this evening.


Sunday Feb. 2nd: Suspect Dorner wanted in connection with murder of two people[3] in Irvine, CA. Woman was daughter of retired police Captain who represented the suspect in his termination hearing from the LAPD. The other victim was her fiance. Suspect was employed from 2005 to 2008 with the LAPD and was fired in early 2009 for "allegedly lying about actions of a fellow officer" he reported for excessive force.

Last few days: Suspect posted his 11,000 word manifesto[4] [mirror[5] ] to Facebook. Suspect's "target" list seems to be centered around 12 [now 11] people though ~20 names were mentioned. Please respect these people and their names and don't post information if you find the uncensored version.

Tue/Wed: Suspect was in San Diego County within the last 24-hours. Spotted near the Loma Lake base which was locked down and reopened. It has been confirmed he stayed at a hotel near the base on Tuesday, checking out Wednesday. Source - KCAL9 News
Wed. Night: Suspect allegedly tied up an 81-year old man and attempted to steal his boat but was unable to operate it. Suspect's wallet and a detective badge were found nearby. State-wide alert goes out via California Highway Patrol. Source - ABC7 News

Thu. (~1:25 AM): Citizen notified police that were protecting one of the suspect's targets of a truck that fit description. Upon following it, one officer was injured when the suspect fired at them grazing his forehead. They were not able to give chase. Source - KCAL9 News

Thu. (~1:45 AM): Just minutes later about 5 miles away, two officers sitting at a red light had the suspect walk up and open fire. One officer (trainer) is killed, the other (trainee) is injured but expected to recover. Source.[6] - CBS.

Thu. (5:15AM): A patrol unit assigned to protect a different target misidentified the blue truck with the two women delivering newspapers. Reportedly the headlights were off and officers opened fire in rapid bursts, a brief pause and then more bursts (according to witnesses). No details known if they identified themselves first. Both women were hit, one twice in the back and one in the arm. Both are expected to recover. Source.[7] - LA Times.

Thu. (5:20 AM): A few blocks from the first mistaken-identity shooting, police were responding to the shots fired call and came across another similar truck to the suspect's. There was a collision to the rear of the vehicle and police fired three shots (at least) into the windshield. The driver was luckily uninjured and not involved. Source.[8] Source - LA Times

Thu. (1:41 PM): A burned-out truck matching the description of a getaway vehicle owned by triple-murder suspect was found in the San Bernardino mountains (Big Bear). [edit: CONFIRMED to be his truck]. Source - KCAL9 News

Thu. (~4:00 PM): Large tactical operation going on in the San Bernardino Mountains north of LA (Big Bear) involving SWAT and other agencies as they scan the area. This is the primary search area right now, given the vehicle found. Agencies have now demanded air news teams not show the search locations, which two local news organizations called an "unusual request", despite the logic behind it. Source - KCAL9 News

5:15PM: Suspect mailed a package to CNN's Anderson Cooper[9] who confirmed via Twitter. The package contained a note, DVD and a coin that had been shot through with bullet holes in it. Source - LA Times.

5:35 PM: Tracks were found leading away from the burned out vehicle in Big Bear but no suspect has been found. Tracking dogs, air resources (with FLIR night vision) and ~125 Law Enforcement officers are in the area doing door to door searches. San Bernardino County is the lead organization with Irvine/Riverside involved. May become one of the largest manhunts in California history. Source - press conference.

5:40 PM: Suspect called himself a "top shot" Sharpshooter. The Navy has three levels of proficiency [edit: above the base qualification that is]. These are Marksman -> Sharpshooter -> Expert as the top level. Reportedly he's listed as a Marksman with rifles (lowest level) but he's listed as an Expert (highest level) with a 9mm pistol. He is also trained at shooting from his weak side/hand. Source - CNN's Anderson Cooper.

5:50 PM: A former friend/colleague of the suspect was quoted as saying he received a letter/DVD two weeks ago in January. The letter reportedly pleaded with his colleague that he was innocent and had not lied about his co-worker that he reported. The DVD reportedly had interrogation footage from the incident/hearing he was fired over. No other details given and the letter/DVD was handed over to Irvine police according to the interview. NOTE: I can't find a source for this, but I saw it on local news. If anyone can find this story, please private message me.

5:55 PM: Suspect's recent history - His appeal to get his job back was denied in 2011, upholding the original decision back in 2008 to fire him. In 2007, he had reported a fellow officer for excessive force on Mr. Christopher Gettler. In his statement, he said that "she stood up and kicked Gettler twice in the left clavicle. And then...kicked him on the left cheek, causing him to start bleeding". It was later reported Mr. Gettler was a schizophrenic and that Dorner filed the complaint about his fellow officer two weeks later. His allegation was denied by the female officer, the claim was classified as "Unfounded", he was charged with "making false statements" and officially fired in early 2009. In December 2012, he defaulted on his home in Las Vegas and just days ago his Naval Reserve career was terminated. Source - ABC7 News.

6:00 PM: Suspect's home near Las Vegas is surrounded but empty. The search area is covering all of California and parts of Nevada at this point. Other areas heavily involved in California are Corona, Riverside, Irvine and Big Bear Lake. Big Bear ski resort and schools around the various incidents have been closed. Source - ABC7 Los Angeles.

6:10 PM: Incoming rain/snow may halt air searching operations but for now they are still up in the sky.

6:20 PM: Police are going through lots of empty vacation homes not normally occupied. National media is picking up on it with CNN's Cooper/Morgan discussing it (right now in fact) and HLN had a few stories as well.

6:35 PM: New information slowing down as it's dark and weather is coming in. Lots of repeating on the news. Will update as I can, please PM me if you have any tips/info to add. Tidied up grammar/spelling, added sources where possible.

7:05 PM: West coast is in prime-time TV so not much news/info on the air, just non-sourced info from the scanners. News back on in a few hours, will update if new info.

8:20 PM: FBI is finishing up at his Las Vegas home, FAA completely restricting airspace above search and the coin mailed to CNN's Anderson Cooper was a "Challenge Coin" given to him by his former boss LAPD Police Chief William Bratton.

8:30 PM: Pictures of the items mailed to Anderson Cooper. The challenge coin

[10] and DVD. -


Continued Below --->
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9:05 PM: Written on duct tape that the coin was wrapped in is "Thanks but no thanks Will Bratton" as well as "1 M.O.A." [edit: per user /u/November_Bravo [12] "1 Minute of Angle, in shooting terms this means being accurate enough to shoot a ~1" group at 100 yards"]. The video is apparently of Mr. Getter's interview after the event. He is the schizophrenic man Dorner claimed was a victim of excessive force. Getter's testimony supposedly confirms Dorner's complaint to his superiors but nothing has been shown to the public to confirm this. Source[13] - LA Times.

9:15 PM: Press conference - ~400 homes expected to be searched this evening, more than half done. No sightings or signs of him outside of the last tracks in Big bear in the snow/mud. No new tracks of a second vehicle near the original burned out vehicle (which is now at crime lab). Schools and ski resort are opening back up, implying the area around Big Bear is relatively clear but search is ongoing in poor weather conditions. Aerial support is still flying, two SB County helicopters and one LA County chopper all of which with F.L.I.R. infrared/night vision technology. Source - KCAL9 News

9:40 PM: KCAL9 reporting multiple news sources received letters/DVDs from the suspect. Only Anderson Cooper got the coin, reportedly. Also reports that some of Dorner's equipment, including police related items were found in a trash bin as early as Monday in San Diego. Source - KCAL9 News

10:10 PM: Alleged excessive force victim Gettler's family interviewed, confirms suspect Dorner was standing up for their son (their words) but then pleaded with Dorner to turn himself in and stop hurting people. Also, the boat he tried to steal was unable to launch because a rope got caught in the propeller. The 81-year old man said the man mentioned "heading to Mexico". Source - KTTV Fox 11.

10:30 PM: Online court documents reportedly show that the LAPD questioned Dorner's excessive force claims because of the timing of reporting it to his supervisor. Apparently he received an unsatisfactory performance review just before that, saying he'd have to "improve in order to move up in the department". Source - KTLA 5 News.

10:35 PM: Bomb threat called in at the Federal Building in West Los Angeles. Police/bomb techs on scene. Likely unrelated as it's nowhere near the current searches but noteworthy given the timing. Source KTLA 5 News.

11:05 PM: Dorner was discharged from the reserves last Friday specifically. Suspect was reportedly married for ~30 days back in 2007. LAPD has doubled up all patrols, no solo officers. Motorcycle cops have been put into cruisers for their protection. Various units at key strategic targets and the entire state is reportedly on tactical alert. Source - KNBC 4 News.

11:15 PM: Some schools in the areas of Riverside, Corona, Riverside and Norwalk (where suspect was raised) are remaining closed tomorrow. If you're a local, be sure to call first. Source - KABC 7 News.

11:30PM: Last update for tonight as the last of the local news programs have gone off air. Not much new news but I'll check in and update tomorrow. Hopefully national media steps in and you guys can keep posting updates until then. Thanks for all the support and to my fellow Cali/Nevada friends, stay safe and alert!

Thanks to SeedyOne @ Reddit!
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He will be hailed as a hero

I have never been able to stand by & watch someone get picked on.

Or animal. You kick a dog or cat & I see you. You're going nighty night

I know first hand how much shit is brought down on you for sticking up for the less fortunate.

Everything in that whole manifesto (& I read the entire manifesto) I believe to be true.

Dirty pigs are the scum of the earth. There are very few things lower than a dirty pig.
They hold the ultimate position of trust.
Yet I trust none of them. None. Not a single fuckin' 1.

Last year I got arrested for assaulting the manager of Save-on-foods.
Luckily for me, as soon as I seen the situation getting out of control.
I started my video camera. Had I not, I would have got charged I'm sure.
The Manager actually attacked me while I was recording him.

After leaving S-O-F's, a few blocks away. I saw a cop car coming towards me. I hopped off my longboard so I could talk to him but before I could say anything, he tackled me.
Then his dyke cohort put her knee on my neck when I was already pinned.

My mom had just passed away, I hadn't had power in months & my house was getting foreclosed on. I basically lived in my truck because it had an electric cab heater.

I told her my story & that I had the whole thing on tape. She refused to watch it, ripped my truck apart & accused me of being a thief because I had a nice laptop & camera as well as other expensive things.

After a couple hours she had my truck towed. I asked why, her reply was they didn't know where the owner was.
That dirty fuckin' cunt, how could she say they didn't know where the owner was? I was in the back of the paddy wagon.

As more pigs showed up, a younger oriental female cop was watching, I could see it in her eyes that she knew this was fucked.

I stared @ her until she finally came over to the paddy wagon.
I pleaded with her to go get my camera, luckily for me she did.

I guided her through how to use it.

She watched the video. then made her way over to dyke face.
You should have seen the look of disgust on dyke face's face.

I was out of the paddy wagon in under 5 min.

Now that I had been vindicated, it was time to go on the offensive.

I wanted my truck back, it shouldn't have been towed in the first place.
I hadn't done anything wrong.

Dyke face wouldn't talk to me, she demanded that I go home.
I refused & she threatened to arrest me.
She made me leave the area, but followed me.

She followed me all the way to a community police building.
Dyke face sped off, & I made a complaint.

I'll give you no guesses & none of them count.
Do you think I ever heard back from the pigs?

I recorded myself making a complaint, but ran out of card space from all the recording I was doing.
I pressed record as I walked in the door but only got me telling the first part of the ordeal.
When I called back, apparently no complaint had been made.

That day cost me over $300, right when I was in THE most shitty, vulnerable position I have ever been in, in my entire life.

I for one, am rooting for this guy 100% & hope he gets everyone on his list.
It's about fuckin' time, someone said "enough of this fuckin' bullshit"

I don't believe in god either.
The bible is the same as Star Wars & Mickey Mouse. Entirely bullshit.

I believe in what is right & wrong. Straight up, that's it.

If you are getting wronged? I can't help it, I will fight for you.
It's just who I am.

End of rant.

I'm positive that Dyke face, has made that poor (& cute) little cops life hell after that.

Think how nice it would be if 1 in 10 cops, killed dirty cops.

If whatever doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger.

Then I am so close to immortality
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Somehow I don't feel bad for the cops after they proved his point by shooting innocent people. That place def needs a major reset.
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oh crap. I didn't see this thread.

I'll just repost my other one here and link to this thread.

So wow. Shit is crazy in Los Angeles.

You've got a former cop that claims he was wrongly terminated for reporting unlawful use of force. That former cop is extremely bitter. Huge. Heavily armed. Trained by the US Military and the LAPD....and he has a hit list of cops and their families that he's targeting, claiming that he will kill them all one by one until the Department admits wrongdoing.

On the other side, you have the LAPD freaking the fuck out and basically shooting anything that moves. Two separate instances where they loaded a truck full of lead, only to injure innocent civilians (Asian women no less) because they thought the truck might be his.

Holy shit.

With that murder on site policy and this guy's deeply seeded bitterness I think that his original beef is probably legit but obviously I don't agree with what he's doing.

His Manifesto
"A Cop's Nightmare" More like a civilian nightmare as now they need to fear trigger happy cops.

They found his truck burning near Big Bear (snowboard related!) and they're searching the area but I bet he's nowhere near there and this is a diversionary tactic.

Google Chris Dorner for the latest news. It's like a crazy movie.

Video for the TL;DR crowd

Chris Dorner's Truck Spurs Manhunt on Mountain for Suspected Cop Killer - ABC News
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Originally Posted by RockyMTNsteeze View Post

I read a little more into this from the links. The LAPD shot up another pick up truck in the same day. The truck was not the suspects just like the Toyota those women were driving. Christopher Dorner is a black male. The people driving the trucks do not match the suspect at all. The second truck was being drove by a white male.

They are shooting and asking questions later. I would be more worried about the police in LA than the suspect.
I can't imagine being a big bald black guy in LA right now. Talk about an endangered species.
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FUCK the police. especially the LAPD. good luck Mr. Dorner.
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