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Default Asshole neighbor

So my friend has this guy that lives above him who is a complete asshole. He is a wannabe dub/house DJ with absolutely no skills. He spends WEEKS on a track at a time, playing the SAME FUCKING BASSLINE over and over again. It is literally tortuous (from what I hear.) The floors/walls are thin, but even if they were not, the bass and music coming from above rattles shit off shelves.

My friend has had a few altercations with this gentleman upstairs, politely asking him to turn down the music. He will sometimes play along, only to turn it up again later. To make matters worse, this neighbor throws temper tantrums like a 10 year old. He is verbally abusive to his girlfriend, and will have a 1 way screaming match with her at least once a week.

Everything went to shit when "my friend" made fun of the guy and mocked his tantrums. Well the floors/ceilings are thin enough that the asshole heard, and has made it his vendetta to fuck with my friends life.

BTW, did I mention the asshole has no job and is living of his soft-spoken girlfriends grad school loans?

So this guy has all the time in the world to fuck with my friend. From stomping on the floor when he walks around the apartment, to playing loud music, to playing a home made mixed track about my friends girlfriend, using her name in a short song that claimed she gave the whole city syphilis... and then playing that song out his window for an hour or two.

Things came to a head this past week when the asshole signed-for and stole a UPS delivered package containing over 100 dollars of material.

If you were my friend, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? There has to be some way to get back at this fool. While physical violence is sorely wanted, my friend has a very promising career that could be ended if he makes the wrong move.

My friend is hesitant to call the police, since he hits the ganja pipe occasionally, but he has made multiple complaints to the landlord, who has spoken to the asshole once but has yet to do anything else.

Edit: His DJ name is "L-e-x-P-r-o-d-u-c-a" (sans hyphens) and he has a website/soundcloud/youtube accounts with the same name.

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Stash the weed, febreeze, call the cops...
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Simple call the cops anonymously through 911 say you heard a girl scream rape. That will fuck that guys life big time. Then call again anonymously and say they're having a domestic and you heard him hit her.
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help your friend out by banging the dude's girlfriend. she can be your sugar momma and you can kick the asshole dude out. then you and your friend can be neighbors!
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Ooooo, I like BAs idea. This dude is so damn abusive... I feel bad for the girl. She is a mousy little hipster chick though... not my, or my girlfriends style.

We literally heard him scream "I WILL DESTROY YOU!" when he was having a tantrum on the phone with her one time...
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personally i don't call the police, but if i was the kind of person who did i probably would for that.

you could tell the landlord he stole your shit and withhold rent based on the neighbor making your homie's apt unlivable.

that's probably what i would do: withhold rent and go talk to the landlord. tell him either kick out the shitty tenants - problem solved; or if he won't kick them out ya just withhold rent for two months or so, save the money you would use for rent and move out. might be a good idea to make a youtube channel and put a bunch of videos of the guy doing his douchebaggery.

after you move out the real fun (vengeance) can begin. ya know, industrial grade stinkbombs in the house and/or car, pizzas to his house, fuck his girlfriend, all that good stuff.

of course you could always tip off some lil wannabe thugs to his audio gear... oh man, when it comes to revenge i have way too many ideas...
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Fight fire with fire.....

Burn the place to the ground.
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Originally Posted by stan_darsh View Post
help your friend out by banging the dude's girlfriend. she can be your sugar momma and you can kick the asshole dude out. then you and your friend can be neighbors!
providing your single im agreeing with stan! bang his bitch!
It comes and it goes. Get it while it Lasts.
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We had a neighbor across the street who would play super loud music with his front door open all the time and thug out on the sidewalk and shit representing. One night they were out front drinking and I had to turn my car around coming home frome work to find a parking spot, and these guys got all threatening and retarded. I complained to the landlord a couple times and they were gone(probably because [and this is the point] I was not alone). If your landlord likes money(they do) and has no special relation to the bad tennant, it shouldn't require much effort to get the kid evicted.

I wouldn't live there, so an ultimatum like "them or me" would be pretty damn effective imo.
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Do like the guy did in "Pacific Heights"

Call 911 say you heard yelling and hitting of the girlfriend, Go outside and just as you hear sirens pound on his door. As you see the cops coming hoping he answered fake like he pushed you and you going tumbling down the stairs in front of the cops. (ie your buddy)

Instant jail time for him, hopefully it would play out like it did in that movie.
Otherwise just beat his ass bad and claim self defense, he took a swing at you.
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