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Daggs 12-06-2013 07:03 PM

Can't decide on a jacket/ pants combo. Help?
Hey so I need a new jacket and some news pant but I'm having trouble finding something that looks good and has decent waterproofing and breathability. I don't want anything too flashy and I'm in the northeast (pa). I've been considering

Nike Snowboarding Kampai 2.0 Heritage Jacket - white - Snowboard Shop > Men's Snowboard Outerwear > Snowboard Jackets > Shell Snowboard Jackets with either grey, black, or red pants.

Track Jacket | Billabong US the one in black, with grey pants.

And I've been kind of stuck past that. I'm thinking around $500, more or less. Can you help me out? Much appreciated.

extra0 12-07-2013 11:51 PM

I don't like being flashy, either, but I dislike boring even worse...and that's what black, grey and white are (they're not even colors, actually).

I would never wear anything white on the mountain because white literally disappears into the snow, which is actually dangerous for you and those riding around you. It also get horribly dirty very quick.

Black, although not as dangerous, is still not very visible (surprisingly, even set against white).

I would only wear grey if it had some sort of print/pattern to break up the monotony...and, even, then I'd want some warm bright actual color (yellow-red range) on the rest of my outerwear to balance everything out.

I like the styling of the billabong and nike jackets. Don't be sucked into buying anything even close to "tailored fit"...been there and I ended up hating the look (skiers can have that skinny sh*t). "Loose", "baggy" or "relaxed" are descriptions I now look for.

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