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jtg 12-25-2013 02:37 PM

Smith I/Ox replacement lenses...don't fit?
So me and a buddy of mine both have Smith I/Ox, 2013 models. I made an order for 3 replacement lenses and just got them in. We both got a sensor mirror, and I got a clear. We swapped them out and noticed on every one of the 3 lenses, on both of our frames, the left side has a small gap (visible in peripheral vision) along the bottom where the gasket doesn't mount flush. They feel like they "fit", as in they snap in in all the right places, but once on, they have this anomaly. None of our stock lenses do this.

It's not so bad that they are unusable, but just distracting, and doesn't seal where it is obviously intended to. Im talking about the area where the black caulk-like material on the lense meets the rubber on the frame. And it's only on the left side (when wearing).

Has anyone heard of this problem? It seems really weird, as if our lenses were from B-stock or something. I can't figure out what the problem would be unless they changed the dimensions. Even so, weird that it's only an issue on one side.

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