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BearPaw 02-18-2014 06:28 PM

Oakely Airwave setup suggestion
I bought an Oakely Airwave (1.5) on sale on the 17th of February at Sportsman's Ski Haus in Kalispell Montana. I know that it has been covered on the forum before but here are some things that may help to setup the Airwave for an iPhone.

1) Use the Recon Engage iPhone app and don't use the Oakely Airwave app. The Oakely Airwave app is developed by Oakely and its not supported by Recon. Also, (this may seem like a no brainier but will say it anyway) don't install both the Recon Engage app and the Oakely Airwave app on the same iPhone. If you have then delete both, reboot iPhone and reinstall only the Recon Engage app.

2) Biggest problem I found (after speaking with Recon Instruments) was many open applications on the iPhone during setup. This resulted in erratic Recon device connections to the iPhone, sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not (very frustrating). Solution: Double click the iPhone button at the bottom of the iPhone and swipe away everything before setting up the Airwave using Engage (swipe up and the app is closed, restarting does not close the apps). Then its a piece of cake, i.e. A-OK Jim Dandy, everything works.

3) GPS first time initialization. After 1 and 2 and pairing your iPhone and confirming that everything works (text messages, phone calls, music, etc) if the GPS doesn't get a fix after 15 minutes then power off the Airwave and reboot. The GPS should connect and get a fix within less than five minutes. If not warranty time, call Oakely and get a support reference number to contact Recon.

Anyway, I really, really like the Oakely Airwave (1.5) but it was a hassle at first getting consistency. Hope this helps others that have an iPhone and an Airwave 1.5

PS: make sure you install the latest Recon update to the Oakely Airwave FIRST.

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