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marie4214 03-30-2014 04:23 PM

would you buy?
I wonder if snowboarding gear were modeled after motorcycle clothing with some padding it would take off?

Donutz 03-30-2014 07:55 PM

I would. I wore my protective gear all season. Having it built in would be helpful. The problem I think would be that it's another variable for fitting and selection. Might make more sense to have separate armour undergarments that are made by the same company as the outerwear and integrate into them in some way.

Kevin137 03-31-2014 05:39 AM

Not sure how it could ever be implemented in the way it is designed to work though...

I mean, lets take a look at trousers, how many people wear them as they are meant to be worn, in snowboarding they are baggy, which means they slip down, and that immediately means that the protection is ineffective...

With a coat it is slightly different, elbows should always be at elbows, unless of course you are the type of person that buys an oversize baggy jacket, then the same reasoning allies...

Back protector well that is simple, for it to be effective it needs to be strapped against the body, could never happen with a jacket...

Take a look at stuff that already exists with protection built in... Gloves as an example... LEVEL GLOVES are probably the best way to describe this, they have wrist protection built in, yet in Norway there is not one supplier that stocks them, you can buy without protection but not with... And how many people wear wrist protectors but have never had level gloves...

Integrated protection just is not a viable option... Especially when you think that protection can wear out a lot quicker than the garments you wear do... ;)

poutanen 03-31-2014 06:57 PM

Yeah that's the trouble. My textile motorcycle jacket fits pretty tight, I couldn't wear a sweater underneath it, just a long sleeve T-shirt at the most! The armour needs to stay put to do it's job.

For snowboarding you need to twist way more.

I wear Demon brand armour layers in between my base and my shell. That is it for all temps... Unless it's super warm and then I lose the shell!

BurtonAvenger 03-31-2014 09:33 PM

This was done about 9 years ago with a company called Aegis. It was over priced and harder to sell due to you had to fit it properly otherwise it didn't work.

marie4214 04-01-2014 06:42 PM

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The style of loose fitted clothing in snowboarding; would only provide a limited amount of protection. I did some research on motorcycle protection and they have a few options to strap the protection to the body itself example..

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freshy 04-01-2014 11:37 PM

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Are you guys playing full tackle football on snowboards or something?

ShredLife 04-01-2014 11:40 PM

i have a d3o beanie... its gives me weird pressure points...:dunno:

ridinbend 04-02-2014 12:39 AM

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Ready to hit the ice.

EatRideSleep 04-02-2014 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger (Post 1655129)
This was done about 9 years ago with a company called Aegis. It was over priced and harder to sell due to you had to fit it properly otherwise it didn't work.

Aegis does equestrian helmets. Had no idea they had a snow division.

OP, as already mentioned, integrated body armor would be difficult to fit. Everyone is shaped differently (different femur/humerus/radius and ulna lengths: knee pad and elbow placement; short torso/long torso: spine protection; pelvis sizes and shapes: sacrum/coccyx placement, etc). It'd be tough.

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