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Wiredsport 09-04-2014 09:42 AM

2015 Grayne Canyon and Grayne Valdez Stoker - Free Goggle Giveaway

We are Stoked to have our new Grayne Canyon and Grayne Valdez Goggles in stock and up on the sites. To kick off the season in high style we wanted to get some of the new product into the hands of the boarding faithful here on SBF. YEAAHHHHH!

The Grayne Canyon is brand new for this season and will be the first giveaway.

The winner of this stoker can choose either the Pyro or Goldrush lens and we will set you up with the Photochromic lens as well.

You can enter this stoker by responding to this thread with a brief reason of why you need new goggles :). This STOKER will end on 9-15-14 and then we will choose a winner, raffle style. We will do a few of these (and will likely have some runner up stoker giveaways as well along the way).

Here are some photos and specs on those items:

Full Face Dual Density Foam
Full Ventilation
Quick Release Lens Tech
Optically correct spherical lens
Moisture-lock sealed
5x Military grade anti-fog
100% UV protection
3 Year Warranty

Grayne Canyon:

Grayne Canyon Photochromic lens:

This goggle lens changes and adapts to light conditions on its own means your lens will always be perfect for the conditions you're riding in. With the lowest latency in dimming / brightening speed and the largest VLT range of any other lens at 26%-83%, no other photochromic lens can compare. Nearly completely clear in low light conditions, this lens will instantly start to darken as the sun comes out and ensure you can always see every bump, lump, and ridge in the snow. Eliminate the guesswork for what lens to use and get a lens that does it all for you!

Grayne Valdez:

snowklinger 09-04-2014 10:08 AM

ocular requirements: 5x Military Grade Anti-Fog
Seriously Mister Awesome I fucking need new goggles because I destroy them faster than I can collect them. Hundred days, trips and trees send 3-5 pair to the handmedowns every year, and last year was a particular beatdown requiring an extra robust optic overhaul.

Kick ass as usual, good luck everyone.

f00bar 09-04-2014 10:16 AM

20 Attachment(s)
I need new goggles because I'm currently using some old Smith that are well over 10 years old and the foam is starting to deteriorate. On top of that I have a daughter in college, and since converting to riding have bought 3 full setups for myself, her and my son in the span of about 3 months. Also, my weed whacker just broke so I had to fork over $150 for yet another. (Ryobi sucks but I have all the attachments!)

Puppies seem to really like me also. Just saying....

cookiedog 09-04-2014 10:37 AM

Looks really nice. I need goggles for my GF. Would they feet small women's face?

Milbrat19 09-04-2014 10:43 AM

I honestly need new goggles because the ones I currently have are a crap shoot. Warranty ran out at the end of last season and i'm looking to buy a new pair. These are DOPE and wouldn't mind getting a new pair for free. Especially after buying all new board, bindings, boots already for the new season.

JonSnow 09-04-2014 11:20 AM

I need new goggles cause new sexy googles = more sexy snow bunnies.

larrytbull 09-04-2014 11:58 AM

Need these goggles because my expensive pair of photochromatic goggles got scratched from a face-plant last season need to replace them. Also now that I got my knee fixed, hopefully I will get more time on mountain

edit : Stoked that you do these every year, thanks Wired!

Deacon 09-04-2014 12:07 PM

I need a pair of these since I'm joining the Patrol this season, and it'd be super great exposure for them. :yahoo:

Milbrat19 09-04-2014 12:08 PM


Originally Posted by JonSnow (Post 1801417)
I need new goggles cause new sexy googles = more sexy snow bunnies.

This guy:laughat::laughat::laughat:. Hahahahaha

Deimus85 09-04-2014 12:24 PM

Hey guys,

I absolutely NEED new goggles for my girlfriend! She just got into snowboarding last season and had to use my old Dragon goggles when she finally got onto the bigger slopes! I'd love to surprise her with her own high-end goggles this season so that she can get super Stoked on riding again!


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