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Shwank 02-18-2011 01:17 PM

Awkward Dimensions - Poor Luck
Disclaimer: I hate basketball.
So here goes, I have a particularly awkward frame. I am 18 years old, 6'6" (78in/198cm) tall. I have a size 17 boot (size 18 shoe) and am 215 lbs. I found boots at the ride bigfoot program (a.) and surprisingly enough, my stock bindings (b.) worked. Those guys are heroes for me. I currently am almost completely unable to find jackets/snowpants that would fit my frame. If they are tall enough (which I cant find) they are too wide at the waist for me.I'm not sure how well the included belt straps are in conjunction with an added belt, but I have a 36"/92cm waist and 37"/94.5cm inseam.
As for jackets, I've all but given up on finding one that will vertically fit me. If does the sleeves are too short, shell too baggy, etc etc I have multiple coats that I could, and do use, but they are constrictive and allow much too much snow in. I don't feel comfortable in these jackets while snowboarding.
My boots aren't much of an issue, I've gotten use to my board (c.). I know how far I can generally carve before I hit my boots and slip out. I want to be replacing my current board with an Elan El Grande 171. I love the powder so a long board is a must and isn't too far out of my original weight range either (which is around 165 or so). I'm hoping I can dial in my bindings and eliminate a lot of my toe/heel drag. I currently have about 4 inches total of boot over my board. 1 in the back and 3 out front. Lifters look sketchy as hell so I want to avoid them. Any other suggestions?

I'm living in Alaska and I'm forced to wear running pants over my jeans because they give me a semblance of snowpantyness :laugh: Surprisingly enough, I don't get too cold with a polyester base and cotton second layer. Of course, I wouldn't mind being a bit warmer.

I've done a lot of looking, and as far as I can tell, I prefer Grenade snowpants and jackets over most other brands. I'm not too satisfied when it comes to looking at Burton's lineup, but 686 does look promising. I would prefer to have white gear, but with my options slim and my time shortening by the day, I would probably take anything. Worst comes to worse, I would like to get gear that fits me. I should be all about done growing (please, God, stop growing my feet). When it comes to what i'll pay, nothing over 165 or so for the pants and jackets UNLESS they are custom. Do you guys know any companies that will customize garments for the vertically blessed (more like challenged)? I've been looking around and heard that for a price just about any company would.

Apologies for the long read and broad topics. Please move this thread at will. I can even break each part into its suggestive category if necessary.
Yes, I included a tl;dr (too long; didn't read)
Will companies custom-make clothing to specific measurements or am I forced to forever suffer for my height?

Thank you all for your help!

a.(boots) Ride Bigfoot Snowboard Boots 2011 | evo

b. For those of you curious, these are my bindings. However it appears they are out of 11-15, which fits my 17's. Mens Snowboard Bindings, Burton Freestyle Bindings Buckmans Ski Shop and Snowboard Shop - Men's, Women's, Burton, Spyder, Marmot, Kjus, K2, Salomon, Ride

c. (Board - 151) K2 Fuse Snowboard - Wide - 2005 BCS from

Joel 02-19-2011 12:22 AM

Damn! thought I was to tall for this sport - 6'4"
My foot aren't as big as yours so I can really help out with that. But I wear a 686 jacket and airblaster freedom pants. Just go and try on everything

cjcameron11 02-19-2011 01:03 AM

mate im 6'11 and 275lbs, i wear special blend pants xxl pants and they fit me fine, they are about 38 - 41 inch adjustable waist and 35inch inseam (the same length is for xl aswell. I just looked and dont know what style they are but they cost me $120 off ebay brand new, 10k 10k with all the bells and whistles. As for jackets thats where i struggled, i found they were not long enough in the arms but i found one here in Aus and wore it last season, although i am now looking for another one. As for some more info, if your looking i would go with a lib tech skunk ape 172 or 180 if strictly powder riding. I ride a 169 skunk ape but amd buying a 164.5 t rice soon, im keeping the skunk ape i think in case i ever need a back up board. Also if you ride a little more duck foot you may eliminate that 4 inches of toe/heel drag, maybe get it to 1 inch front and back. I have heard that bonfires new range is longer than most brands and DC is also a little more roomy. hope this helps a bit. ohh and i wear a 15 but for some reason im in a 13 boot, ive never dragged my toe even when i was younger using a 15 boot before "shrinkage tech"

ClevelandSB 02-19-2011 11:32 AM

yeah like the guy above me said dude you're only 6'6" thats not even that big. I'm 6'4" and my jacket is almost too big in all dimensions for me. I'm sure you would fit in it fine (its a special blend from a couple years ago). As for pants, baggy pants in snowboarding are ubiquitous so finding a pair that fits you should be easy. You're not looking hard enough

cjcameron11 02-19-2011 05:09 PM

ohh and i forgot to mention, wear a merino wool base layer if you want to stay warm, cotton is the worst thing you can have as a base layer. The pants i have are special blend c4 strike, after a quick search i was able to find that obermeyer, north face, 686, nomis, arc'teryx all make pants that you can buy in long, i can tell you that no one will make a 37" inseam you will have to suck it up and go with a 36, and there is no way you cant find pants and a jacket to fit you comfortably, i did a little research and found heaps of stuff that i can wear so as cleveland said, look harder, and you will find a heap of gear

Shwank 02-19-2011 11:35 PM

Really? I've been looking for the past couple days and I'm not having the best of luck finding anything. I must be doing something wrong... As for my board, I decided to turn my bindings up a bit more. I was riding on a +9/-3 setting so I tuned it up gradually to +21/15 and love it! A lot of toe drag was eliminated and it definitely feels more natural for my stance.
As for the board suggestion - It wouldn't do much for my boot size. I'm getting the El Grande for the width and I'm pretty deadset on it now.

Thank you for the suggestions and tough-loved help!

cjcameron11 02-19-2011 11:56 PM

anytime, tough love is good love

Michael_A 02-22-2011 07:49 AM

Do not give up hope!

I m 6'6" and 165 lbs so I have even more challenges than you do but do not give up hope! #1 most important tip is to locate a TAILOR near you. This sounds strange but will change your relationship to clothing. #2: Find a coat, no matter how big, that is long enough in the sleeves. The tailor can take a wedge out of the back and make it fit your trunk. This will make it fit exactly like you want, and is easy to do. It is impossible to tell that my coat was surgically altered and it feels great to have something that fits. Cost me $20. #3: Pants. Three solutions here. Find something long enough, and have tailor take in the waist so they fit. Or, what I did: got some excellent Burton pants; went to Seattle Fabrics (online) and found nylon of the same color; had tailor extend the pants 5" and now they fit perfectly. (I have 36" inseam and 32" waist, my pants fit normally and go the the bottom of my boots which is just right.) Third option is to get two pairs of pants that fit in the waist and have tailor chop the legs off one to extend the other. Sounds crazy but it works. Fourth, the board. 26cm waist which passes for "wide" simply is not good. Look at any decent park guy and their boards are about as wide as their boots. I have size 13 boots and don't get boot-out on my wide board but I still feel uncomfortable laying out on edge; and also I would like the increased stability on boxes/rails, etc. I plan on getting a Donek Phoenix ... owner their will make a wider board (28cm) for me for very little extra.

You may be saying these are expensive solutions; but bottom line is if you keep buying things that don't fit and are unhappy, then buy something new, you will spend a lot more in the long run.

Bottom line, don't get down on your height and don't settle for less than you need to!


Michael_A 02-22-2011 11:17 AM

More info ....

More advice ... I am 47 so have been living with a tall body for 29 more years than you have ... anyway, don't feel bad about being tall! It is a great thing and some day you will appreciate it ... so you may as well start now. Look at Laird Hamilton (surfing) ... most surfers are tiny but Laird is big and he rides big waves. Sounds like what you are doing in the powder!

And, in case you don't know, the correct answer to the question "Do you play basketsball?" is "No, do you play miniature golf?"


BliND KiNK 02-22-2011 11:22 AM

I do play a little putt putt, hows the weather up there liberty?

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