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looking4snow 03-26-2012 10:39 AM

Full body armor

I am recovering from multiple spine fractures and want to protect myself much better next season. So, I would like to know, what do you think about this protective gear:

Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure | Forcefield Body Armour and Climate Control - full upper body armor - 335$.

Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist Guards - wrist guards - 70$

impact short, butt pad, padded shorts, crash pad - impact shorts - 75$
or maybe: Forcefield Action Shorts | Forcefield Body Armour and Climate Control ~90 (in UK)

Forcefield Strap On Protector Leg | Forcefield Body Armour and Climate Control - leg and shin guards - 70$

Will it help me to reduce pain after a bad landing (small to medium kickers) or slipping on rail? Or should I buy something in better quality? Maybe it's not a secret, what protective gear professional snowboarders are using? And yes, I already have a helmet. Actually, I have other protective gear (except full body armor), but want to upgrade for better quality.

Thank you for professional advices.

Have fun and be safe on slopes! :)

poutanen 03-26-2012 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by looking4snow (Post 498634)

I am recovering from multiple spine fractures and want to protect myself much better next season. So, I would like to know, what do you think about this protective gear:


Thank you for professional advices.

Have fun and be safe on slopes! :)

I am by NO means a professional... But here's my advice anyway! :)

I bought upper body armor this year from a company called Demon. FlexForce X D30 The jacket I got is very similar to that one, MSRP was $140 and I paid $100 or so with a store discount.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the armor you found, I'm just not sure I'd want to spend $335 on just the upper.

I've heard great things about the lower armor, haven't heard anything about shin/knee pads or anything.

As far as my experience with the upper body armor, it's been great! For the first day or so it felt weird, felt like I couldn't flex my upper body as well. I must have got over that because I feel better than ever now. I've had a couple falls backwards on my back, and the spin protector held me off the snow while I skidded down until I got my board back under me. I also had a weird accident where my elbow jammed into my rib cage and it knocked the wind out of me. I was pretty sore but able to keep boarding for the rest of my trip (another three days) it could have been much worse without it.

I do find the armor keeps me much warmer than I used to be. I have a microfiber base layer underneath, and recently I've been too hot on the slopes. I may start using the spring jacket for my mid winter stuff, and keep the winter jacket for -30 degree days. In full on spring weather I plan on just wearing the armor as my jacket.

looking4snow 03-26-2012 11:33 AM

Thanks for quick response! After spine fracture I almost don't care how much it will cost to protect myself. :) This Demon armor looks great, but I can't find what level of protection it gives? That one from Forcefield has level 2 protection in back and level 1 everythere else. Some seriuos protection.

poutanen 03-26-2012 11:50 AM

Yeah I'm not sure either. Actually this is one of the few things I didn't really spend much time comparison shopping for either. Saw a good deal at my local hill pro shop, looked online to see if the price was right, and pulled the trigger.

I bought mine due to a few bad rotator cuff injuries, but it's helped for other things too. I say get the best stuff you're comfortable with wearing. I might look for shorts this spring too as I've had a few ass sliders that stung for a run or two this year!

looking4snow 03-26-2012 01:52 PM

You should definitely buy impact shorts. It's probably the most useful protection in snowboarding, because it's warm to sit on snow or whatever with it. :) Not sure, if I could surf internet now, if I would'nt wear one while crashing a big jump... I took way too much speed, flew over the sweet spot and landed on flat area from about 5 meters (~15 feet) hight. My legs could'nt absorb such impact, so I hit really hard snow with my poor butt. Fractured 7, 8 and 12th thoracic vertebrae. Doc says i'm lucky, because it's small compression fractures and usualy it takes half of the year to fully recover. So, I hope to be able to snowboard next season. :) Shorts, that I used: Powerslide Crashpad-Hose Pro kaufen bei Not bad shorts, but now I would like to upgrade for better if it is possible. I have a lot of time to decide, what to buy. So, all your suggestions are welcome!

lonerider 03-26-2012 02:48 PM

My friend has a Forcefield top (although his model doesn't go all the way to his waist in the back and doesn't have elbow pieces) and Skeletools shorts.

I am now wearing the Demon d3o upper armor and Azzpadz tailbone protector (used to have Dainese armor short).

We both used to ride the Skeletools armor top, but that is a little bulky (if you are in the lower 48 state of the US, I still have it and will sell it to you a size medium for $50 shipped). I also have a Demon Flex force pro jacket.

I think the Forcefield top is more protective than the Demon d3o, buy heavier and a little more restrictive. Both are going to absorb the shock from minor crashes and such so you don't feel bruised/battered at the end of the day.

handscreate 03-26-2012 03:07 PM

I wear the Pro-Tec Impact shorts with the foam, not the hard armor. I found the plastic armor to be too restrictive & bulged under my pants (almost looked like I crapped myself or something of the sort). You should also look into Alpinestars & SixSixOne (661) upper body full armor. They're designed for motocross & ATV, and the big hits those guys take while riding. Some of the armor also includes a kidney belt, which is very helpful for protecting your internal organs from flopping around or getting detached if/when you eat shit or bail. I wear a kidney belt everyday I'm on the mountain, regardless if I try some features or not that day.

The protective gear you picked out looks pretty legit, but I suggest you also look at some of the motocross/dirtbike protective armor as well, as it's all designed for impact into handlebars, rocks, trees, ramps, etc - a lot of the same stuff we risk collision with on the mountain. I used to sell these over a lot of other protective gear in my dealerships because the guys who rode dirt in the shops swore by them. Just wanted to toss out some other options for high end armor.

looking4snow 03-26-2012 03:10 PM

Thanks man. Azzpadz is only a tailbone protection and I want to protect my hips too. So, it's not for me.
Is your friend happy with his body armor and shorts?
I understand, there is no armor, that will protect in a big crash. But still wan't to wear one of the best in market, which will help in small fails and reduce damage in big crash (hope no more...).
Btw, I've heard what Forcefield Extreme Harness Adventure body armor has not enought soft padding in elbow and shoulder guards, thats why it's not comfortable to wear. Would like to know, if it's true or not? Maybe someone has this body armor ( )?

poutanen 03-26-2012 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by handscreate (Post 498701)
You should also look into Alpinestars & SixSixOne (661) upper body full armor. They're designed for motocross & ATV, and the big hits those guys take while riding.

I can vouch for the Aplinestars street bike wear. I took an off road adventure on my Yamaha FZ6 by accident a few years ago, went tumbling through the ditch at about 60 km/h. A little scuff on my helmet and textile jacket, and I got up good to go.

The jacket is really good shit but would be too much for snowboarding. I bet their moto-x stuff would be excellent.

looking4snow 03-26-2012 03:17 PM

handscreate, I looked at Dainese protection. It's looks very nice. But then I found Forcefield and somehow liked it better. It meets motocross standards. Actually they have one product, which is top motorcycle armor past few years: Forcefield Pro Sub 4 Back Protector | Forcefield Body Armour and Climate Control But it's only back protector. And I want to protect all upper body.

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