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drc13 07-13-2012 11:17 PM

Technical Shell Jacket Recommendations
Hi Guys

I'm getting too hot in my Sessions Krueger Insulated jacket with just a T-shirt under it so I think I'm in the market for a technical shell jacket.

Unfortunately I'm finding the majority of jackets in store here have some form of insulation. I'm completely open to suggestions on jackets I should be considering.

These are the features I would like it to have:
  • 10k+ breath/water ratings
  • wrist gaiters
  • powder skirt
  • pit zips
  • lots of pockets
  • pass pocket

I look forward to your recommendations.


genebike 07-14-2012 09:27 AM

Check out the Burton AK Cyclic or Stagger. They're a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

fraxmental 07-14-2012 02:20 PM


Originally Posted by genebike (Post 510293)
Check out the Burton AK Cyclic or Stagger. They're a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

take a look at quiksilver. they make nice snowboarding apparel, and think they are available in your country at fair prices. you wont go wrong with them.

drc13 07-14-2012 06:50 PM


Originally Posted by genebike (Post 510293)
Check out the Burton AK Cyclic or Stagger. They're a bit pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

Thanks, I'd had a look at them in the past. Unfortunately the Cyclic doesn't have wrist gaiters and the Stagger is insulated. Have just discovered the Burton Goretex Andover which seems to tick the boxes so will do some more research on it. Also just spotted the Burton 3L Porter.

sw00shm4n 07-15-2012 06:08 PM

I just picked up the volcom bjorn jacket from dogfunk. Haven't gotten to try it out yet obviously, but I really like it just from trying it on so far: Solid, thick and durable feeling fabric rated at 15k, pit zips (not mesh-lined though), powder skirt, wrist gaiters. It's just a shell like you're looking for, but it is lined with fleece on the inside. Only has two pockets on the outside and then a goggle pouch thing on the inside. I know you said you wanted more pockets but at the price it's at now, it's a pretty good deal.

Volcom Bjorn 3-Layer Jacket - Men's from

DrnknZag 07-15-2012 07:44 PM

What's you price range? If you're searching for a TRUE technical shell, get ready to shell out big bucks.

I've owned the AK Cyclic & AK Stagger jackets. The Stagger isn't insulated, but it does have a thermally reflective liner. Good jacket, I wore one two seasons ago but got rid of it because the arm's weren't long enough for me. The Cyclic is pretty similar to the Stagger, but without any frills. Just a stripped down Gore shell. Not many pockets on the Cyclic though. Also one thing to note is none of Burton's jackets have wrist gaiters.

My favorite technical Gore shell right now is the Oakley Choice. Super lightweight, Goretex Pro Shell laminate, longer cut, but still has a technical fit, not a lot of pockets (I don't like too many pockets), and has Oakley's pants to jacket interface. I have the old non-Goretex version of the jacket and love it (Oakley Primed). I highly recommend it if you can afford it.

drc13 07-16-2012 04:05 AM

Thanks for the replies guys. I looked into the volcom jacket but unfortunately there's none available in my size (small)\

DrnknZag I really just want something I don't get as hot in but with the tech features I'm after. This comment on burtons site about the stagger worries me "Newly re-mastered, the men’s Burton [ak]™ 2L Stagger Jacket’s strategically designed lining and lightweight insulation" . I was hoping burtons "powder cuff" would do a similar job to wrist gaiters?

The Burton Gore-Tex Andover seems to tick a lot of boxes except it's probably not as fitted as I would like. Does anyone have any thoughts on this jacket?

cjcameron11 07-16-2012 04:35 AM

Volcom crack, has everything you listed plus its goretex, i was at mt buller today and it was shit, rained all day but i was dry as a bone.

Music Moves 07-18-2012 08:54 AM

I found a really good deal on a Homeschool jacket.


The usual retail cost is a bit pricey, but they have great tech and these garments should last a while.

DrnknZag 07-18-2012 08:54 AM

I'd stay away from Volcom jackets if you want a basic shell. All Volcom tech shells I've tried on have all been super heavy and very layered (not quite shell). I'm not sold on the Andover. I'm not very high on non-AK Burton outerwear for durability reasons. It looks like it's just a budget Gore jacket. It does have a lining, so it's not quite a shell either IMO. I can't find anything that says it has the pow grip (or whatever it's called), but maybe I'm wrong.

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