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Kaitlyn2004 03-16-2014 11:03 AM

Photo opportunities in/around Vermont or on the way?
Will be traveling to Stowe+Sugarbush from Toronto and wondering if there are any worthwhile photo opportunities (well, I guess there always is! Looking for recommendations...) in those areas or even on the way from Toronto. I've driven the 401 route plenty, but not the US route if I go through Niagra falls. Also have driven VERY little in US and don't really know the routes/what's on the way sort of thing.

Would love to get some night shots of the mountain areas, possibly some sunsets+sunrises of conditions permit... but any other photo opportunities or even just recommendations for what I already mentioned?

Are these areas going to be safe if say - I drive out of the village to get away from the lights and set up in a dark area for a night long exposure? Single female, so naturally more concerned!

chomps1211 03-16-2014 11:36 AM

It's a shame to have to say this, but you know better than any of us dudes that a lone female, at night, secluded, or even not so secluded spot? It's always gonna be a crap shoot. There's no one you can ask to come along?

If you choose to risk it going solo, Always be aware of who and what's around you. It's real easy to be caught unaware when all your attention is on your viewfinder and composing the shot.

Men aren't immune either. As a photographer myself, I've been in a few sketchy situations alone in the woods with my gear. Scariest was in NorCal. Couple a boonies rednecks thought I might be CAMP or DEA with my camo and long lenses trying to catch pot growers.

All I could think of was Ned Beattie in Deliverance!!!!
"Sqweeeeeea. Sqweeeeal! ;)

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