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CHUUCH 04-25-2014 06:40 PM

Chuurch official teaser
Hey Guys,

New to the thread, but hopefully using it more in the future! I'm making a snowboarding movie out of Salt Lake City, Utah this year called CHUURCH. Last year I created a similar movie called Full Service. If you're interested in checking out the teaser for Chuurch, I've posted it below.

Thanks and look forward to posting more in the future!

td.1000 04-25-2014 06:53 PM

shouldn't it be called "TEEEMPLE" ?

CHUUCH 04-25-2014 06:56 PM

haha, We go by Chuuch Crew, but I guess there is already an older movie called Chuuch, so we went with Chuurch since we're out in Utah!

tokyo_dom 04-25-2014 11:37 PM

Saw another video where one of your boys got absolutely wrecked on one of the rails you did... Not to mention some of the slams in that teaser - hardcore!

Nice video!

ShredLife 04-26-2014 08:35 AM

fuck yea. you get points for:

- no resort shit

- big boy riding

- mac dre

- pig scene teaser

- multiple shots of the EXIT/oregon logo

all you kids posting bullshit edits of you and your homies jibbing boxes at the resort 150 times take note: this is what videos without kickers, pow, and bc should look like.

BurtonAvenger 04-26-2014 09:06 AM

I endorse this movie. Just put it on VIMEO!

hardasacatshead 04-26-2014 09:10 AM

Nice vid. Only thing that I didn't really like was the shaky panning/intro and outro shots. Maybe use a decent tripod and a fluid head to smooth it out a bit? Either way, great shit and some ballsy riding for sure. Keep it up!:thumbsup:

slyder 04-26-2014 09:33 AM

How the hell do you guys walk away from some of those wrecks

F1EA 04-26-2014 01:58 PM

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Cool vid. Look fwd to the full edit/movie.

That brick wall ride shot was real nice and artsy. Like magazine cover nice.


I've never been to Utah, but would christians be considered rebels over there?

Praise jesus!

CHUUCH 04-26-2014 02:48 PM

Thanks guys, I'll make sure to post my edits on here in the future! @hardasacatshead I agree, I've been trying to use my tripod for the rest of the lifestyle shots in the movie!

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