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pwol 11-22-2012 02:23 PM

First day of this season!
- drove up from CT to Killington yesterday
- my first day of snowboarding this season
- I'm in the red jacket
- this is only my 8th or 9th day of being on a snowboard so go easy on me LoL
- this is the first time I've ever used my gopro snowboarding / made a snowboarding vid

Its pretty nice having footage of yourself riding, lets you know what youre doing wrong and helps you improve. I'm so freakin stiff idk if its because this is the first day of the season or what. I gotta bend my knees more and learn how to do some dynamic carving and just ride alot faster.

Any tips/advice/comments/suggestions? either for riding or editing.


Timberline 11-26-2012 12:00 PM

Might want to post this videos under the instructor sub forum but it looks like your back foot is ruddering (controlling how you turn) so you're only doing slip turns. Think of it like how a car drives you want to control your turns with your front foot and you'll get more nimble turns. Again I'm not an instructor or coach so you'd be probably better off getting advice from them but for me what I do is I keep my knees so the cap is just covering the toe of my boot when I look down and correcting your turns will make it so much easier to go fast and be in control I also usually stretch before I board but that's just because I go early and I'm usually stiff in the mornings. For recording try staying still off of your board and have the person go by you it can create a more fluid effect.

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