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bobepfd 01-02-2009 07:11 PM

Keeping the balloon over inflated
So what do you guys think of all the talks of economic stimulus?

My thought is that the government should just stop passing out checks every year or two to supposedly help stimulate a faltering economy. It's time Americans learn to live within their means. And that means at some point sales are going to slow.

Granted I love getting a five hundred dollar check from the government every year, it helped fund my off season snowboarding purchases, but I certainly didn't pay down any debt like I should have. Americans today are more in debt and living way above their means than ever and it's nobody's fault but thier own. My grand parents didn't have an ounce of debt to their name because they knew it was like to deal with real economic hardship. It's time for our generation to deal with some hardship. Not everyone needs a giant flat screen TV on their wall, a fancy new car in the driveway, and a giant house in the suburbs when in reality they can't afford to barely put food on the table...

//NHboarder// 01-02-2009 08:02 PM

In the 1930's, people blamed themselves for the economic depression and suffered the consquences themselves, this time people blame everyone but themselves, and expect to get something for their hardships. The new generation is screwed up somehow and i dont know how.

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