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MunkySpunk 02-01-2009 12:05 PM

Execs pay bonuses
AIG (and other people in a position to determine them) says they are needed to hang onto the brightest and best minds in the business. I ask why AIG (and others) want to hang onto the same people that got them into this mess. I also ask what people making several million a year need with several more million. I never got a reward from my boss for fucking up.

Where would these high-demand money-pits go if none of the corps receiving aid could give a bonus? Maybe losing these people is either a just-reward or a blessing-in-disguise for these 'businesses.' The companies that don't need government help are doing something right and don't need these retards. Who is going to hire a high-powered exec known for his ability to burn money?

There's also the argument that the bonuses are needed to atract new hires that can get them out of this mess. My response is the same thing the Repubs tell the poor (but never the rich): Sink or swim on your own, asshole.

Obviously, I'm against.

Are you for it? Why?
Are you against it? Why?
Are you somewhere in the middle? Why?

Perpetual3am 02-01-2009 12:22 PM

I'm against it for the same reasons you mentioned, giving them bonuses just reinforces this type of behaviour in business. Even if you lost those execs and hired newer ones with less experience, I'd still rather have a business that is marginal compared to one that has the possibility of having to be bailed out by the public. I'm all for performance bonuses or profit sharing, but not when those come directly from my pocket.

Flick Montana 02-01-2009 07:55 PM

Come on. You guys are heartless. I would never expect someone who earns millions a year to sell their second favorite yacht just because they drove a business into the ground and laid off hundreds. These guys have to live to a standard as well. How can they possibly host their parties if they don't get the bonus that allows them to buy a new house specifically for party-hosting?

If it were up to you guys, the "average Joes" who get fired would get more than a month's paycheck and the CEO who ruined the business would go to jail. But where would that leave us? You want the rich to take responsibility? Helloooo! They have money. That means they are exempt from responsibility. They can pay other people to take responsibility for them.

And if you think it's easy to be a CEO you're crazy. Do you know how many different kinds of cigars there are? Well, they have to know the difference between all of them just so they don't look like an idiot. Plus, there are so many escort services to choose from. How is a guy supposed to cheat on his wife when he's got to spend hours leafing through ads to find a chick who's ACTUALLY 19? These CEOs deserve a little money for all the trouble they go though.

So I encourage you to think twice before you judge. Just because these guys would buy and sell you like a piece of property doesn't mean they aren't human.

paulperroni 02-01-2009 08:34 PM

Don't want to get started on this one... I am SOOOOO PISSSSSED OFF at these heartless fucks that run a company to the ground by making terrible decisions and still have a job!!! Forget the bonus, fire the bastards!!!! I cannot comprehend how they still have a job!

oneplankawanka 02-02-2009 07:38 PM

this is how the have's and have mores think. Republican values to be sure. I got mine, bugger the rest of you all.

Pull yourself up by the boot straps and make something of yourself. It is my hope that the Obama administration holds these modern day robber baron's accountable for their actions.

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