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PaoloSmythe 04-06-2009 05:12 AM

Shurely Shome Mishtake?
Presumably it is just coincidental, that my friend and adversary of old Mr Wolf mostly adds to the politrikal threads, during the weekends, when i am freed from my week day enslavement at work?

Presumably too, it was mere oversight on his part that he would call 'bullshit' and claim to have courage to 'always call me on my bullshit', only to next suggest that i had requested administrative intervention, purely to curtail his POV in a discussion i was losing in the past!

I remain grateful for him have nutts enuff to cite that alleged event, to enable me to show it for what it was. I am disinclined to suggest who the true bullshitter was, to instead allow the reader to make their own conclusions.

No doubt Mr Wolf's claims of a CBS, citing copyright infringement also gave adequate grounds to delete an entire post (as opposed to the one or two images).

It is unfortunate that the disappearing post, was Mr Wolf's initial response to one of my first postings to the 'dismantle...' thread, which provoked many subsequent posts of mine, suggesting that he had become the same as a Bush supporter, by exploiting the 9-11 massacre as justification enuff to blindly follow whatever presidential march to war.

It is unfortunate that some might see this ability to completely delete a post (rather than just edit its content) as an abuse of the editorial rights he has in this website.... just as much as some might find it strange that he would seek to inihibit any further debate on the issue, by locking the thread for no other reason than HE grew tired of it.

Mr Mooz... gratitude and bravo for noting the irony in certain posts. it would be nice if you would share with me the addresses of the other forums you visit (where people have a greater tolerance). (I am sure Mr Wolf would be grateful too!)

Mr MPD... i can only hope that your unquenchable ability to derive humour from all and everything continues to serve you well and perhaps to inspire others to sincerely 'get over themselves'. Luckily / Unluckily for you, your POV is what most do have courage enough to address.

Mr Perp... you and i have had probably some of the most volatile fall outs that i have ever witnessed. and it is to credit your true depth of character that you can overlook these past squabbles, to treat each, new utterance of limey lunacy with fresh eyes. kudos my friend. i still hope to buy you a beer one day.:thumbsup:

Mr Wolf... you are certainly a big fish in a tiny tiny pond. sincerely, the 13 year olds might perceive you as being a god amoungst men, for your mutlitude of youtube 'look at me' postings; your offerings are no doubt useful, even if you simply cover that, which has been covered a billion times before by many far more experienced people.

so then it is strange that you would risk compromising every aspect of your credability, by becoming the duplicitous pussy that you are in this pointless politriks forum.

your foaming flames, rants of bullshit and use of post deletion and thread locking all illustrate that you have become that which you once claimed to despise and i guarantee that one day, to your shame, you will realise this.

oh how the mighty have fallen.

and now to seemingly please only you Mr Wolf.... i must go and fulfill a number of 'snowboard related' posts elsewhere.... and then i will be back.:rolleyes:

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